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Bed bug prevention



Our startup Totem, from Helsinki, Finland is developing an autonomous bed bug control system. We have just built our product and would like to learn whether it would be useful for Airbnb hosts.

Bed bugs are a growing concern for travelers around the world. The Totem system was designed for hotels to prevent bed bugs and making travel safer, but Airbnb hosts might find this product also helpful. It helps taking care of your home and your guests, and gives assurance and control over a nasty problem.

Totem bed legs attract, trap and detect bed bugs before they cause you any harm, while fitting seamlessly in your interior.

I hope you find this interesting. What do you think?


This would be very good for the hostel market as well


And this would not fit any of my 9 beds


Looks great, would love to try. Does it come to Norway anytime soon?


Hi Jan, good to hear! If you are interested, please leave us your email at https://totemprotected.com/airbnb-subscription so we can keep you updated.

We are still trying to figure out how Airbnb hosts view the bed bug problem. How do you see the situation in Norway? Are hosts and travelers discussing the risk of getting bed bugs?


I think this is a good idea.It will benefit the hosts.


I tried to get to this link but it did not work.
I just got the scary notice below from one of the insurance agents I checked out for my insurance but did not use – informative and scary. It says a bed-bug infestation can last more than a year and cost more than $5,000.
I just contacted my insurance agent to see if I am covered. (Wow, this is a LONG link.


I got an immediate answer from my insurance agent, he said that this item was written by an insurance agent (his competitor) trying to drum up business. Said there was a threat but that this article exaggerates it.

My agent said that there are bed-bug endorsements available, but that they were very expensive and would add 24 to 40 percent more premium to my insurance policy.

He said he has not had any claims for bedbugs and to just make sure to clean well after each guest.


The best way to manage bedbugs is to assume you have them and govern yourself accordingly.


Hmm…if I assumed we had them I’d be having the heat treatment service out and freaking out. I don’t assume we have them. I just clean well and check for them regularly. We actually had bedbugs once in a long term tenant’s unit. It was a very expensive and stressful experience but the tenant let us know (they brought them home from somewhere) so we split the costs (they were actually moving out so we were just thankful they had let us know) and luckily they never got into any other units. Something I’d like to not repeat, that’s for sure.


The link did not work I’d love to see more about this bed bug product Im in Vancouver BC Canada come visit &bring a few
English Bluff Beach …
South Delta BC !


Are you wanting someone to come visit and bring a few bedbugs?

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