Bath mat? Or bath towel/mat? Or specialty mat?

My main guest bathroom has a clawfoot tub and a surround type curtain.

I have been using a small IKEA flat rug in front of the toilet, and a shaggy bathroom rug (rubber backed mat actually) which I leave for guests on the edge of the clawfoot tub.

Almost nobody uses the tub, but the shower In the tub of course is used daily.

I need advice on whether I should eliminate the shaggy rug from the edge of the tub and instead use white towel-style bath mats.

One plus to the larger mat is that to use the shower you have to move the rug and there fore i am guaranteed that someone will NOT use my bare stained wood floor because it would be ‘too much trouble’ to pull the bath towel from a hook (for instance) and lay it down.

A plus for the towel mat is that it is easy to throw in the wash with guest towels and is probably nicer for guests than a mat that may be walked on every day for the few days they stay.

While this conundrum seems a little trite, I can assure you that the ‘point of contact’ a guest has in a bathroom can make-or-break a review.

Thoughts on this? What d I do?

I am using an old-fashioned towel-style bath mat. My only problem? They are getting almost impossible to find! They have stopped making one in the “collection” of towels that I use and the ones I have ordered have just not been “right.”

In the winter, I do also put a bath rug down in front of the double vanity, mostly hoping this will be warm enough that the guests won’t turn on the heated floors.

If you find a decent white bath mat, that isn’t Turkish cotton which never dries up there but I am enjoying, please let me know.

And this isn’t trite at all. It is the details that make guests feel cared for, and protect our homes.

I use bath mat (towel type) but I also have area rugs over tile floors.

Funny thing - some people use them and some don’t. I’ll find the bath mat still folded but moved (I drape it over the tub edge) and my area rug will be soaked. WTF? Why wouldn’t you throw the bath mat down? Sigh.

Here is the mat I use:
Christy Lifestyle Supreme Hygro Cotton 20-Inch x 35-Inch Bath Mat in White

These are the rugs I use. They are all cotton on both sides. Personally I love them. Use them in my home too. They get a lot of bad reviews about falling apart in the wash but that has not been my experience and I’ve got some that are 10 years old. I have to wonder if the problem isn’t washers with agitators (I have a front loader and a top load without and agitator).

Wamsutta® Cotton 21-Inch x 34-Inch Reversible Bath Rug

Def. make something available for your guests who use the tub. I don’t have a stand alone tub but I do have a Jacuzzi tub with shower that I can tell gets used quite often.

I have always used white - the towel type. They are always used (at least, they’re always dirty so I assume they’re used). They are easy to wash and inexpensive. Just the job. :slight_smile:

I use IKEA bath mats. They are $7.99, super soft, and wash up great. I place one in front of the shower and one in front of the sink. I have four sets of them that I rotate between guests.

These look like the “bobbly” ones I found in IKEA last year, but with more colours available. I was chuffed to bits at finding them, particularly being able to colour coordinate with each bath/shower room. Easy to wash, easy to dry, perk up well and comfortable on the feet. My only problem is that George The Cat, aka GTC, has found the one in our shower room sublimely comfortable. It’s a compact room, and he’s usually to be found early morning, nesting too close to the loo for a comfortable pee.

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Is GTC nursing on the mat? They are ideal for kitty nursing! :wink: We don’t have them in our house, but if we did, I imagine our kitten would love them. We have three different colors, and none have faded or disintegrated in a year and a half. I need to pick up a few more. I wash them a lot, too. They are really comfy under feet!!

GTC, aka George The Cat, will be 19 in a few weeks time, so no, not nursing, just chilling!

I bought a white IKEA one some time ago. During my most recent IKEA visit I bought a second identical one in grey.

I don’t have IKEA locally so would try these if the ones I had were ruined.

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I use a grey synthetic bath mat. It had never occurred to me but a guest said I should clean it between gusts. D’oh! Of course. Synthetic mats don’t need to be dried. Now clean between guests, what was I thinking?