Banned Guest Had Friend Book

A guest booked our place and then it was canceled shortly after by AirBnB stating a ‘quality assurance’ issue regarding that guest. They were no longer able to support them as a member of the AirBnB community. About 30 minutes after AirBnB canceled the reservation, we had a new guest book. We ask for all guests staying and she said the guest above (that had just been canceled/banned) so that banned guest just had her friend turn around and book for her. And these guests are local. I’ve called AirBnB twice to have them cancel the reservation and they really have nothing to say about it. “We will flag the reservation” “We will have the Trust team contact you.” Nothing. I don’t want to get dinged for canceling as we are still fairly new! Any experience with this? Is it just me or has AirBnB completely given up on supporting hosts?!

You implied that this is instant book so… cancel it yourself and give the reason “I am not comfortable with this guest”.


Don’t you get dinged for that?

No. You can do it 3 times per year online without any penalty. You can actually do it more than 3 times per year, but you have to call customer service after the first 3. I don’t understand why customer service didn’t just tell you that, but… knowing a little about how Airbnb farms out their customer service, nothing surprises me.

Read this:


Airbnb does not allow 3rd party reservations See first paragraph. You’ve got documentation from the faux guest thus is third party. If you want to continue pushing Airbnb to cancel, tell the Airbnb this is third party thus not allowed so please cancel ASAP.

While it’s not totally clear, it’s not third party booking, but it’s still a party. I.e. the friend that booked is still coming along with the banned guest (who was probably banned for previously having a party at an Airbnb listing).