Banishings and Vanishings on the "CC"

Hello all,

Long time “lurker” here although a member for years, I rarely have any advice to give that hasn’t already been said! With Airbnb since 2010, listings snoozed at present.
Just wondering what anyone thinks of the recent spate of great, long term hosts who’ve been banned from the CC?
I think it started with Sarah (hello!), then Andrew, now Gillian and just now, Huma, to name but a tiny few. This has also led to listings being banned.
Is it simply to get rid of anyone who does not always agree with Air, or to eventually close the CC down by pure boredom? To me it absolutely smacks of pure censorship and divide and conquer reasoning…

Another long-time contributor who got banned was Ute, from Germany.

And Susan17.

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Hello @Julia

I think it’s the nature of community forums that from time to time those who are most vocal and don’t ‘tow the line’ get banned. It’s happened here with some fab long term members like Scottish John.

I’m a regular on the Airbnb Community and regularly post anti Airbnb comments and haven’t been banned so far. (Perhaps because my day job is in comms so I’m careful not to post content they can say breaks their community guidelines).

Didn’t know Huma has been banned too. Will drop her a direct message.

I’ve been trying to remember the others, there have been quite a few to date

I know, as per the last version of the CC :face_with_raised_eyebrow: this just seems sinister somehow

I wouldn’t see anything too sinister - as I mentioned all forums do this with members who don’t tow the line.

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This isn’t anyone’s business but since this is a lie, I’m going to correct it. Scottish John was not banned. Neither were racists Yana and Cabinhost. When members are repeatedly warned privately and they choose to sulk off, that’s their choice.


I apologise @KKC I thought from other discussions around what happened to John, that John was banned. I stand corrected.


Nah, they just want the CC to be nicey-nicey. Nothing controversial, just fluffy topics like discussing what linens you use, and hosts answering questions for free that CS should be able to answer, or help with, but are too incompetent to do.

I do not what you mean but I would say I am often super critical of Airbnb ie suspending hosts without notice because of guest complaints, shit CS, issues with guest damage and reviews, suspending host payments without notice and haven’t ever been put on the naughty step :slight_smile:

I hadn’t noticed that Helen, and you certainly didn’t care my listings were suspended as a result, which had nothing to do with my hosting at all. A few other hosts reached out to me, very concerned about the whole thing.

FYI (same for Susan and Sarah and Andrew and Huma), I was never given any warnings. And of course you don’t see it as sinister, here you are, defending Airbnb… are there CCmods lurking in here?

yeah, and it’s not healthy to train a society to banish people for “wrongthink”. They literally told me in the name of inclusion and safety, they are banning me. I still have my sense of humour to find that hilarious! They also sent a terrible message to all my cancelled guests, saying I must have broken hosting rules, that I wasn’t safe and they shouldn’t contact me. It was utterly awful to read. My guests from last weekend (who re-booked once my account was reinstated) said they thought I must be a crazy person and were shocked at how they could do a thing to such a nice host and such an amazing property. Airbnb have caused themselves more damage with my spot of drama.

I also had no clue that other hosts were reporting on each other, which I since learned from other hosts is what happened to them, I would never have considered that was a thing.


I’ve followed the CC site off and on and knew Muddy had been banned. My question is when they do that is it out in the open? We the CC staff are removing X from the platform?

They then closed down your listing??? For how long?

They hardly have any old hosts there and how do you get good information from someone that’s Level 1 or 2?

almost a month. no warning. had all my future bookings cancelled, and then I went through some emails with staff. was very stressful to say the least! tbh I’m not comfortable talking about it because I now live in fear they’ll do it again (for no reason)

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No, the warnings and bannings happen behind the scenes. That’s why Huma just got banned there, because she openly posted about Gillian’s ban and listing suspension and defiantly posted about it again when her first postings got deleted.

As far as the “levels” on the CC, that has nothing to do with being an experienced host. They are just a social media, forum thing, and have to do with how much you participate in that forum. You could have been hosting for 15 years, but only just posted for the first time, so you’d be Level 1. Or you could be a brand new host and post 15 responses or new topics a day and be at Level 10 in a week.

I actually hated those level designations, because I used to get a lot of PMs there with new hosts asking me all kinds of questions about Airbnb or how to handle something I had zero knowledge or experience with, thinking I was some kind of expert about Airbnb or hosting, just because I was “level 10”. Occasionally I’d answer them with advice if I knew the answer, but mostly I told them to post their question on the general forum, as I was no expert and they’d get more responses and guidance there.


Good grief, so sorry that happened to you.

thank you. I had a few hosts reach out to me with support, and many regular long time hosts who didn’t… and one even suggested I deserved it! Huma tried to raise it in the CC (as she had for Sarah and Andrew) and the post lasted 1 day, so she asked for an explanation, … she too was banned.

if their plan was to scare me, and others on the CC, it worked. But hosts should know that if something they write in the CC gets taken out of context, not only can you be banned without warning (there’s no “naughty step”, it’s a straight up ban), but also your business could be terminated too. I had no complaints from guest, superhost, excellent reviews, usual story! I was shut down, and I lost about $6k in revenue.

Well, now that all bad kids are kicked out, CC became so boring that admins have nothing else to do but going through old posts and mark some random answers like accepted ones :slight_smile:


lol, well none of them are hosts, so they can’t answer any actual questions!!

I also suspected a while back they are deleting posts of banned members, where they can get away with it. it used to be you would see posts from Ute, Sarah, Andrew a lot, but especially after the “new forum” suddenly that stopped happening. did they push those threads to the bottom so no one would find them? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are doing that with my posts, where possible they are quietly deleting our former existence.

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I had an issue with a guest, and thanks to all the comments on this forum about the CC, I was extra-careful what I posted there. I read it once in awhile, but there’s not much interesting there compared to this forum!