Banishings and Vanishings on the "CC"

Gillian, don’t be disappointed, some like me, didn’t even know you were banned until a few days ago and I don’t have your contact but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t shocked and that I don’t care
I missed Huma’s post too

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Wow why the need to be so personal (again) @gillian

Where did I state on that community that I didn’t care that your listing was suspended. I don’t read every post on that community so not sure which situation you’re referring to . I didn’t know you were banned or that Huma was either. (she was posting on the Airbnb Community earlier today).

Just because regulars didn’t private message you, when your listings were suspended doesn’t mean we aren’t concerned. I don’t tend to private message people on that community (Apart from Susan who was banned some years ago , who I am still in touch with today because we share a common connection and occasionally Huma).

As you seem to follow my posts so closely you will know that I often speak out on the community against Airbnb’s policy of suspending hosts without reason when a guest raises safety issues with Airbnb. And that I am regularly critical of Airbnb. I can’t imagine why you would state otherwise when the community is littered with my negative posts about them.

Here is a recent post I made on the community in response to a host saying Catherine Powell (head of hosting at Airbnb is wonderful

Shocked to see your post that says @Catherine is this amazing advocate for hosts when guests make false safety complaints and Airbnb then suspends the hosts listings without checking the situation first with hosts and refunds the guests.

there are the thousands of examples of hosts trying to claim on the Airbnb guarantee for valid claims and not having their claim processed.

customer service and support for hosts has never been worse since Airbnb dismissed hundreds of customer services staff around the world during Covid.**

How do you tally this with your statement that she is an amazing women doing so much for hosts.

Helen I’m not making things personal, and I don’t want to bring up things you’d written in the past. You’ve probably forgotten some of the interactions you’ve had with fellow hosts. Huma and I both suspected we were going to be the next 2 to go, which is why we arranged communication between us outside of the CC, last year. Those who are most vocally opposed and can see through the BS, and call them out on it often, are always the ones to be banned, they wait until they can construe a vaguely “valid” reason. No warnings. No “naughty step”.

Also, aren’t you a local community leader? You can’t afford to risk being banned by being too outspoken.

ps. your tag for Catherine powell was wrong.

No I am not an Airbnb Community Leader. Their local forums are a mouth piece for Airbnb.

Another strange and incorrect assumption on your part .

And you absolutely are making this personal if you’ve been tracking my posts on their community and incorrectly assuming I’m a community leader.

Please leave me alone.

helen i’m not tracking you (not sure what “their community” means), i just thought you’d said something about that at some point. sorry if that is incorrect. Everyone can be in error at times, (just as you were earlier in this thread).

and yes, I’m in agreement that the local community groups are just another mouthpiece for airbnb, my local one now has a HAB member, and she’s the last person I would have thought to go to for advice. no doubt she’ll be posting some fluff piece in the CC soon enough.


Just my two cents… there’s a reason I don’t participate in the CC and to wake up and find a bunch of you have brought the drama over here is annoying AF.


I agree with @KCC. Bitching about Airbnb and other members isn’t what this forum is for, so I think it’s probably a good idea to close this now.