Bad review... HELP

I had a guest that is highly combative and has purchased a gun in preparation for a road trip across the country to find a place to live. I feel if I let others know this guest is a loose cannon I may be in danger myself from her. However, I feel it is something I would like to know if she came asking me for a place to stay. Suggestions of how to write this review!!!

What exactly happened?

Also, why is it relevant what the guest purchased? How did you know? It’s really none of your business unless you had some rule prohibiting the carriage thereof on your grounds.

Leave your review as you would for any other guest.

She stayed with me for the past two months and at first we thought she was a bit off, emotionally. Then, as time went on she seemed better, During the last week or so she was screaming at an Airbnb customer service rep when trying to get in touch with a specific rep., She was screaming at her 11 yr old son because he wouldn’t defecate on command, and then would go outside to cry. There is a lot to it but getting the jyst that she is a bit off is enough. She is also full of litigation. She has made it a part time job to find ppl to take to court. 10 days before she left my house she purchased a gun. She is a ticking time bomb. :frowning:

Well, if she is a true troublemaker, you can voice your concerns to Air and they may remove her from the site.

Did she have any prior reviews?

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Just mine. and in the private airbnb notes I put that I had a red flag up with this guest

I know because she told me and I saw the FB post of her 11 yr old son posing with a gun at the gun shop

Are you afraid of guns in general?

Yikes! Is she heading somewhere with a particular purpose or just a road trip for fun?
Shouldn’t the 11 year old be in school?

Unfortunately I don’t think there is anything you can do. She passed the background check to get the gun, she didn’t do anything illegal, she isn’t threatening you. Unless you think she is a danger to her son I can’t think of any reason for you to alert authorities. I understand your wariness, I wouldn’t particularly want an unstable gun owner choosing my airbnb but your review just needs to stick to relevant facts.

“Shouldn’t the 11 year old be in school?”

There’s a good question. Was the child attending school while living with you?

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I’m afraid of the mental state of this woman. CPS has been called on her for mental instability and declining rapidly just about 7 months ago. I find this about a month after she’s with me.

He is home schooled.

If she is as bad as you’re saying then home schooling that kid sounds like a terrible idea. :hushed:

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She is not a danger to her son. Thank you for your input.

Two questions:
What is CPS?
How is she not a danger to her son if she is a gun-waving, mentally unstable person?


CPS = Child protective services. She took a pic of him holding an unloaded gun in the gun store. She would not ever hurt him. He is her reason for living! I was just wondering if this was info that hosts would hope to know about in a review. How I could word it to get the host to read between the lines so that she didn’t get ticked at me…God knows I wouldn’t want her to get mad at me. ;/ I think I’m just not going to write a review. She is gone to Arkansas somewhere.

Who cares if she gets mad?

Being British, I am anti-guns. But If I was travelling in the US - as a single female with a child - I might want to purchase a gun as protection.

But as a host, I’d leave well alone and simply not write a review. We can’t get into other people’s heads.

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