Bad host needs reviewed

Is there anyway to give a host a poor review
If you haven’t stayed with them?

No, you need to stay before you ca review

And that makes sense. I’ve had inquiries from potential guests who were just rude and stupid. If they were able to review me for turning them down, my star ratings would look horrible.

On the other hand, my very first experience with Air was not good. I wanted to book a place and went through all the rigmarole of writing up a bio, adding a photo, and getting some verifications - and the host just completely ignored my inquiry (it turned out he was trying to run a low-season discount and I was trying to book for much later during the high season. I.e., he screwed up his pricing.) I found him through another site and ended up calling him - he started yammering on about how proud he was of his 100% response rate, and I was the first person he hadn’t replied to. Gee, thanks. He deserved a slap, but that option wasn’t available.


Amen to that! I have declined two inquirers who were annoying the hell out of me asking a lot of inane questions that were already answered in my listing. As we talk about frequently on here, that is a major red flag and should lead to an automatic decline. You are so right…can you imagine of every moron i declined because I don’t like hosting morons had the opportunity to smear me publicly because I pissed them off? Oh my god…my ratings would be in the toilet.

Come to think of it, I am wondering what the context is for the OP’s question. It’s like saying ‘I have never walked inside a JC Penny, but I hate them. Can I write disparaging remarks about them online?’ The sad part is you can on many sites. AirBnB does not allow such behavior, and I applaud them for that.

Compatibility and connection is everything in this gig. I am very, very picky about who I let stay in my home, and as a result I am extremely proud of having had 100% great guests so far and a perfect five-start rating.

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Why are you asking this question? Was it because you canceled and now want to smack them?
Why was the host "bad? " How do you even KNOW they are “bad” if you haven’t completed a stay?

Question askers and hang wringers get a decline in my book. I hope you can keep this high level of quality guest going forever. I have not been so lucky. Even the people you think are nice and have passed muster, can turn on a dime!

I’m thrilled to have found a GREAT rate on this hotel for my trip to DC this January… under $80 per night including tax. Just what I was looking for and no rigamarole, verifications or deposits. Free wine and appetizers in the lobby at night, comfy beds… and a totally responsive staff who answered all my questions immediately.

It would never occur to me to use Air as a guest. NEVER. Too many unknowns! :slight_smile:

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You haven’t heard of industrial espionage? We went out of our way to try out a place in a neighbouring city. We were visiting a friend and could have done it without a stayover, but it just made the timing simpler and gave us time to see the sights. But really, we were checking out the competition. She was nice, but we had her beat on everything except cosmetics. In fact, the room was so hot we couldn’t sleep - she didn’t have any AC in there. We still gave her five stars, since we were very above-board about being competitors and she was happy to answer our questions.

Really the reason is that it turns out to be too expensive once you add the tax, deposit and cleaning into the mix. I’m thrilled with 9 nights for $80 a night. THRILLED.

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That’s a great price, no doubt! We used to pay more like $140 at the frickin’ no-frills Days Inn. We have them beat too, apart from having a full service restaurant on site.

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It’s in a great location too… right on Embassy Row.
I found it with something called “

Now airbnb gives priority to all hosts who agree to “instant book” and leaves those who prefer to choose guests that are a good fit to the back of the list.
So unfair! Please send emails to protest.

It is a great hotel - I have stayed there and they have an amazing cappuccino machine that is self service for guests and it is probably the safest place to stay in D.C. Because of thebembasseiyth

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Wow!!! Really, I am so glad to hear this! It was the hotel of my dreams. I pictured this place in my mind… and somehow it came to me!!! We are counting the days and are praying for cold and snow… I mean it. We are eager to get a break from the tropical weather. :slight_smile:

Wait, WHAT! Are you sure??? Where did you read this?

I SAW it when I did a search for my page; I wrote to airbnb and complained,
they replied in their defines

This is valuable feedback for the design team now. Obviously AirBnB has to balance the guest desire to book without the hassle of being declined (sometimes because host’s a negligent in maintaining their listings) and the need of some hosts to screen their guests.
This entire thread will move up as feedback Elizabeth, and I do apologize the new prominence of instant book is not in line with your hosting needs. Be assured that your comments are considered and that AirBnB will always give hosts the option to pre-screen your guests as you need.

After I told them I would make sure everyone found out about it, they changed the system!
So everything is back to normal, it only lasted a few days, Im sure a lot of host saw it and protested.

Wow… maybe they are testing this in certain markets. Didn’t you say you were in Italy? Some here have suggested that all platforms will eventually go to an IB.

That will not be good.

Funnily enough, we got our first booking request in ages today. But I hadn’t noticed that our listing had slipped, if it had, and I check it fairly regularly.

Airbnb is protective about the host as without any listings, how can they earn revenue??
Although we all believe that there is only a few terrible hosts, Airbnb won’t reveal them and the guests do not leave any negative comments because of the strange policy. Host will read the reviews and one negative comments will destroy your credit in this community.

She is right, I am always in front of the page, but… It doesn’t help me to get many reservations:).