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Aynone else remember when you used to be able to see how many viewings you had on a given day?

Airbnb USED to have a system where you could go to any given day in the future and see how many views you had and on what day.

Sadly, with all things good and helpful on ABB, they took it away.

For a while they had no system like that in place, now they sort of have a “clunky”, quasi system like the good old days…

Any chance if Hosts “rose up” and asked ABB to bring it back they would?

Your thoughts…

On the desktop, click Progress, then Views, and there is a graph that shows how many views each day for the past 30 days. You can scroll through historical data as well.

Edit: Funny, I’m currently hitting a bug where the Progress menu shows the sub-menu that you would see when you have Professional Hosting Tools enabled. Views is missing, until I click Opportunties, then it goes back to the normal menu, clicking Reviews takes it back to the Professional Hosting Tools menu. Garbage software.


Thanks, Brian.
Yes, I know about that feature… but you used to be able to pick any date in the future and see how many people had viewed your listings for those days.
For example, if I wanted to see if anyone (or how many) people had viewed my listings for “July 4th” it would show you and how many times they viewed it. That way you could price your listings accordingly. It was great and really simple to use.
But yes, I concur…
“Garbage software” :roll_eyes:

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I know what you’re talking about! You can still do that under “Visibility”.

If you hover over the dots on the graph, it will tell you how many views you’ve had and also the market median.
You can change the range of dates in the upper right hand corner.


Sorry, yeah, I missed the “in the future” part. @JJD is correct. You have to turn on the Professional Hosting Tools to see it, though.


@Brian_R170 , @jjd Nope… It only goes a couple of months in advance, I need 6+ months in advance for some dates. It used to go as far into the future as someone viewed your listings.
Oh well.

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@HostInTheGreatNW Maybe it’s your settings? I can change my dates as far as my calendar is open, which is May 2, 2020.

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No, my dates are open until May 15th 2022. We already have that weekend in May 2020 and 2021 booked.

Why not give Airbnb a call @HostInTheGreatNW as it appears other hosts can see the info you are looking for.

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I will @Helsi I was just checking it out today.
Back in the day, there was a bar graph for each listing, so I could see how many times that listing was viewed on each particular day.

The way it works now is the “graph” shows me a total number of views, but it doesn’t show me WHICH listing was viewed for that day.

For the total number of views, it breaks down how many views each listing had for a number of given days…BUT… it doesn’t show me which days.

I guess the current system works fine if you only have 1 listing. For those of us with more than 1 listing, it’s a guessing game.

I just don’t know why they would change a perfectly good system.

But that’s ABB for ya, if something is working good, throw the non-existent"problem" at some 19-year-old techie and F— it up.

No. I have more than one listing and it’s broken down. It’s better than the old graph as it’s also possible now to see more than one dependent variable.

Maybe you need to update your browser or something.


All my browsers are regularly updated. I’ve tried on several different computers/browsers over the years with the same results.

Not sure which “old graph” you are referring to @JJD as they’ve changed the viewing system several times over the years, I prefer the old system, much easier to navigate.
The latest one is ok, just not as good as it was in the past where it showed each listing had X amount of viewers on X particular day.
In your excellent example above, it shows you that your listings (total) had X amount of views on Nov, 1st… but it doesn’t let you know which of your listing received those views. maybe 1 of your listings received 20 views and the other 2 listings received 10 each.
If you go to the other page, it will show you how many views each listing received, but not which days.
The old system showed the day and number of views for that day for each individual listing all on one screen, each listing on a drop down menu, yet all on one screen, no need to go to another “Visibility” screen, etc.
For example:
Listing # 1 had 20 views on Nov. 1st
Listing # 2 had 10 views on Nov. 1st
And so on.

So are the professional hosting tools available to everyone? I’d never seen or heard of this feature so would love to check it out!

I’ll have to wait until I am in a computer. Lately I can’t even access being a host when on the website in my iPhone.

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Yes. Starting from your hosting dashboard on the desktop, do this:

Click on your host photo in the upper right corner.
Click “Settings”
Click “Professional Hosting Tools” box.
Click “Manage”
Click “Use Professional Hosting Tools”


Aren’t all hosts using “Professional Hosting Tools”? I thought all hosts had to use it to access their account, etc.? I guess not. (Btw, nice break down of how to access that area @Brian_R170.)

Anyhow, sadly, that still does give a host with more than 1 listing knowledge about which listing was viewed on which day and the number of times that day, like it used to.
It was a really great feature. Pity ABB took it away.

I’ve tried them out a couple times and as far as I can tell, The Professional Hosting Tools only have advantages for hosts with several listings.

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@HostInTheGreatNW Ok, you are incorrect. Let me help.

It is absolutely still possible to get the

from this graph. Functions were not removed from the graph, they were added.

When you put your cursor over the dot on the graph, the number it gives you is an average for all of your listings. However, if you “search by listing, name, location, etc” for only one individual listing, the graph updates to then show you exactly

My screenshots were taken with the Search Impressions tab but it works exactly the same for the Listing Page Views tab.

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It is still absolutely possible to view this information, please see my above posts for a helpful how-to.

Ok, if you only have 1 listing, the old system wouldn’t have made any difference for you @Brian_R170

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I’m not going to debate this with you @JJD.

I prefer the old system, you do not. No need for insults.

I will just respectfully “agree to disagree” on this matter.

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