Avocado for breakfast

Hello everyone,

I just happened to remember that avocados exist, and that they are really tasty. And it seems they are available here in South Bombay. So, assuming they are actually available, I was wondering, what are the views of the West on avocados as a breakfast-type thing, generally speaking? In particular, I’ve never tried guacamole - could that be a breakfast thing too?

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Why not serve bananas?
I can’t fathom guacamole for breakfast unless … it was at a resort in Mexico and there were margaritas involved. :rofl::rofl:


Here in Los Angeles, CA, all the hipster restaurants have avocado toast on the breakfast menu. Typically, it’s a thick slice of whole grain toast with avocado smashed on it, topped with one or more of: olive oil, lemon or lime juice, flaky salt, toasted sesame seeds. This dish is usually priced around $12.00. I laugh at the people who will pay such a high price for a dish that costs so little in money and time. I eat it all the time (at home for a fraction of the cost) for breakfast. I prefer savory breakfasts to sweet ones. Here’s an example:



Oh! My newest fav breakfast is crumbled hard-boiled egg with mashed avocado/guacamole and feta cheese.


Eggs Benedict with avocado or poached eggs on avocado is delicious, no need for hollandaise sauce with the creaminess of the avocado slices. With tomato garnish makes for a healthy eye appealing breakfast.

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AAGGHH!! You guys are all making me hungry!!

I often have avocado on toast! I love it!


Ok, my very French husband gave our very French guests tamales for breakfast yesterday and they were thrilled. Ate everything. Be creative but ask first about allergies or preferences so you don’t waste food. Even Mr. Didier has learned that. He just loves everything that he never eats in France so he’s creative with breakfast. I personally love avocados.

Avocado’s are the in food in the UK for breakfast, brunch and lunch. - Normally smashed rather than guacamole. Normally in hipster (trendy) restaurants and cafes.


Some version of Avocado Toast would be a good breakfast offering. Guacamole is a bit too spicy for many Americans as a breakfast dish, it’s usually served with tortillas or tortilla chips.


I would love you forever if you gave me smashed avocado on granary toast for breakfast. :joy:


Avocado on toast is great. In Australia they are blaming the younger generations love of going out for smashed avocado for breakfast on their inability to buy a house. Housing is expensive, especially in the capital cities, in Australia.


Like having too many frappciannos at starbux!!

Don’t avos grow in Australia?

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Yes they do but cafes charge at least $16 for breakfast.

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Avocado for breakfast? Good grief. I am officially old and out of touch.
It’s highly nutritional baby food, fab in a salad, great as a snack. But it is certainly NOT breakfast.

le sigh it is a fabulous breakfast! My only issue is having a ripe avocado ready to go at precisely the right moment. Try it sometime when you are in a hipster neighborhood. You might like it! :slight_smile:


Ok well you just said hipster so I’m done.

And I missed your irony LOL LOL!


Avocado Toast is a “thing” in California - for breakfast, lunch or dinner. High production value when it is artfully displayed.

Very hip in London too, especially around the City and Silicone Roundabout.

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Thanks for the comments everyone. So most are pro-avocado for breakfast, but not necesarily pro-guacamole. Would that be a fair summary?

And what kind of preparation does one need to give the avocado to put it on toast? Something like this?

@konacoconutz, We serve bananas too. I’ve never particularly cared for them, but they seem to be popular.

@EllenN, that does seem wildly overpriced, even for LA.

Apparently 1 Kg of avocados is Rs. 300 (approx USD 4.60) nearby. I still need to find out about Crawford Market.

You haven’t lived @Magwitch

Better than

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