Asking for proof of vaccination status as a condition of approval of guest

Since reopening, we have asked that guests supply their CDC card (or other country equivalent) showing up to date vaccination status. Almost everyone was happy to provide screenshots, and the few who did not have up to date cards were apologetic (except for a few MAGA idiots who used their moment to rant at us).

One welcome byproduct of this is that we see the ages of the guests - we do not want folks under 25 - and this is proof.

Is this still a valid request? Is a card proof something that makes us and our guests safer? And more importantly, would taking this layer of ‘must have card or no booking’ help or hinder? Some folks have commented how happy they were to see how seriously we take our health; sometimes it is an agonizing wait before a potential guest pulls out because they are not up to date or vaccinated. And as we know, space in our calendar taken up by a potential guest could be blocking a potential booking - someone at that very moment might be making their decision on here to stay and if we are not visible, we lose that booking.

One option to this also might be to require cards but not make it an ‘immediate upload’ requirement. Then, if they do not have a card that is up to date, ask Airbnb to cancel them, or ask the guest to self cancel. It would still take a lot of the pressure off of us, requesting the guest to immediately upload, which is not only stressful, but also sets a difficult tone with the guest.

Part of the legal answer might turn on the privacy laws of your state (and I wonder whether the laws of the state of the guest might apply too).

See StackPath

"As to privacy of patron information, again, existing state or local privacy laws may apply. Whether and to what extent states impose privacy requirements with regard to patron medical information varies widely state to state. "

“On the other hand, businesses operating in states which have attempted to ban any inquiries into patron vaccine status, such as Florida, should stay up to date on the legal status of such bans and remain mindful of them.”

This is not a legal question, but a question about how it impacts me and my airbnb by removing it from my requirements to book.


We still ask that all guests be vaccinated, but do not ask for cards. I think people who might object self-select AWAY from our listing, because we’ve never had negative feedback and often get “We are glad you are still taking precautions.”

From our earliest days in 2015 we rarely get American guests (odd, since we’re 20 miles north of the Canada/USA border as the crow flies), so the MAGA demographic isn’t an issue

I have had only 2 guest bookings since I opened back up after not taking bookings for 2 years due to Covid. I did then write on my listing that I am Covid vaccinated and that due to the shared kitchen arrangement, guests should be also vaccinated. The 2 guests I’ve had did not mention that in their message sent with the booking request, so I asked them and both said yes, they were- that it was a requirement from their workplaces.

Although I didn’t ask for it, the first guest sent a copy of her vax card. It’s not something I would ask for, I would prefer to trust them to be telling the truth.

Since it has become clear that surface transmission is not really how you contract Covid, and since my place is in the tropics so the kitchen windows and big double doors are always open, it’s almost like an outdoor kitchen anyway, so I’m not that concerned about getting Covid from a guest. We are never in there cooking meals at the same time anyway, so we really aren’t in close contact for long, if at all. The guest room has an outside entrance and they have their own bathroom.

I intend to keep the vax wording on my listing. Right-winger anti-vax types aren’t really attracted to my listing anyway, and I don’t think many of the anti-vaxers tend to lie about their unvaxed status- they are proud of it and it’s much more their style to berate you for being a “sheeple” who lets the government “control” you than to say they are vaxed when they aren’t, which would make them admit to being sheeple, too. :wink:

@HostAirbnbVRBO There is nothing illegal about requiring guests to be vaccinated if they are booking in a shared home. And proof of vaccination has nothing to do with private medical information. Are you aware that public schools require proof that students have had all their standard vaccines?

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So you just came to this forum for the first time to post vax conspiracy theories? We aren’t debating the efficacy of Covid vaccines here.

Shows a lack of trust? What, I’m supposed to trust an unvaccinated guest not to bring Covid into my home? No thanks. Go find other options. I wouldn’t want to host anyone with your mind-set anyway.


In my info requested within 24 hours of booking, I ask about their vaccination status but don’t ask for proof. I do know people could lie but at this point I assume everyone has covid, I run a HEPA machine in the share hallway and when I go up to clean, I am N95 masked, where gloves, remove the linens and open windows and fans and don’t go back in until the next day.

I also ask for their full legal name, current legal address and their age so I get all that info along with requiring that their profile picture be of their face without no hats or glasses and that they send a picture of the guest. This also eliminates third-party bookings.

I also state that Government photo id may be requested upon arrival. (I never ask to see it but hope that this will also stop bad actors from booking.)

Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle chasing down this info but I have found that only bad actors have issues providing me the info.

If you are going to use it I would require confirming it before booking. Allowing the booking and then canceling would be a pain for you and for guests. I don’t require it because I feel that the cards can be easily faked. I’ve also had COVID despite 5 shots so it can be acquired even with that protection. This year I am equally concerned about the flu. Don’t get me wrong - I take the threat seriously. I’ve lost 2 loved ones to COVID, but I feel that isolation, masks and the appropriate disinfection are the only sure protection.

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Do your guests share a room or wing in your home or are they in a completely free standing building separate from your living quarters?

That to me is the crucial question.

COVID is surging in a lot of places. The people who are dying are mostly older than 65, and some are fully vaccinated and boosted. I just heard this from a scientist on line.

I don’t require proof of vax because my place is a free standing cottage. If you can get away with it, why not.

Speaking generally, in your own home in all the states I know of, you are much freer to regulate your fellow occupants than would be the case for a landlord or a hotelier.

Again - this is not about laws, I have been doing this for my health… I am assuming that up to date vaccinations make me safer as well as my guests. I have a house with 3 rooms and 2 common areas. I have a separate house.

The problem I have is is from IB. Now that the ‘rules’ have changed, asking for a CDC Card –after they have booked - is awkward. This, along with the standard guest idiocy like not reading your house rules or even worse the guest assuming that once they are booked that I have no recourse to accept them, is making me crazy.

I would like to change the current requirement for ‘immediate’ requirement for a card upload, and I would like feedback on that. Side note: the card also confirms their age, which is another house rule of mine (over 25 only).

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Nonetheless as a business owner you had better know what the law says about this, if anything.

All you have to do is drop Instant Book. Lots of folks on this chat board never use it and do just fine.

Again, as a business owner, this is a nonissue. Understand that Airbnb, my town, and my guests have no ‘issue’ with me asking for their card. FYI for you, the ‘law’ says nothing about asking for proof of this vaccination. Anywhere. For anyone.

Maybe others have, but a lower search ranking (when you do not have IB) and more specifically, my type of guest (business people on short stays) would not be using a non-IB place. They are repeaters, and for them making reservation requests all the time is offputting, for example.

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Ok here we go again

There is not overwhelming evidence against the vax. The virus has evolved & an omicron variant vax is in use (btw all viruses mutate, there are over 250 mutations of the common flu)

Sadly the world has changed. If I don’t know you, I don’t trust you. I don’t care if asking you about vax status shows a lack of trust-because I don’t trust easily.

Yes there are many other rental options out there. Let the non-compliant guest choose one of them. Basically other than an illegal exclusion, it’s my house, my rules.

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To support this, my hairdresser didn’t get a booster because someone told her since she’d had Covid she didn’t need it. She was admitted to the hospital due to kidney stones. The pre-admission Covid test was positive! She admitted to being extremely tired & sneezing but had thought nothing of it

People can bring it accidentally.


I’m not sure I’d consider someone “thinking nothing of it” when being extremely tired and sneezing and therefore exposing others to Covid, “accidental.” :wink:
I would tend to call it ignorant and not very bright.

Yes me too because viruses mutate. Like the flu which has over 250 mutations this one eventually will too. My neighbor’s husband sadly died due to the flu.

Multiple Vaccines are our new normal.

Btw the Covid antiviral is like a wonder drug. My 88 year old father with cancer (in remission) had Covid a few months ago. It went from tired & sneezing to horrendous congestion & slightly difficult respiration quickly (24 hours). Positive Covid test. On day 2 he started antivirals. Day 3 of treatment he felt fine. He didn’t like that “I wouldn’t let him” go gallivanting out to eat, visit friends, & buy groceries because he felt fine

I hope you’re not naive enough to presume you know who total strangers spend a ton of time around.

I haven’t spent a ton of time around almost anyone since Covid, I don’t spend a ton of time around strangers, and everyone I do spend time around has been fully vaccinated and boosted.

Better to be perceived as “cold” (a strange adjective to portray being health conscious and responsible) than to end up on a respirator struggling to breathe.

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Seasonal allergies & common cold mimic mild Covid symptoms. Most people just don’t think beyond what seems obvious.

Like the old allegory about what makes an excellent physician vs a good one
The good one hears horses running
The excellent one hears zebras

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Yes, I know, but if I had those symptoms, I would take a Covid test, just to make sure, because even if I just had mild case, I wouldn’t want to spread it to anyone else.