Are cameras legal inside of the home?

I ask because we will be having some valuable furniture in the home. If anything gets ruined I will like to have it recorded.

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Airbnb allows them in some areas inside the home if they are disclosed. Whether they are actually legal depends on your local laws.

Edit: If you don’t have short term rental insurance, get it now. Covers you better than cameras ever will.


I think you can have in public parts, living room kitchen of a shared home but you need to disclose it. The problem is people do not read and they will FREAK THE F out seeing a camera inside. You will be torn to shreds in the reviews. I have nice stuff, no cameras inside.




@Kyle1 are you setting up a shared home listing, or will you be a remote host? Having “valuable furniture” in a remote host listing just seems foolish!


I agree with @Ken. Why have valuable furniture? Buy your rental furniture with durability and ease of cleaning in mind.

Have a decent insurance policy and remember that damage isn’t a given thing. Airbnb guests aren’t some sort of freaky, damaging monsters.

I can’t remember when we last had ‘damage’ and then it was something like a white ring on polished wood (because the guest didn’t use a coaster) and easily sorted out.

Here’s Airbnb’s policy:

Most people will avoid booking a place that has a camera in the living space. So while it might be legal, it may not be the best business decision.

Even with a camera, Airbnb is stingy with paying out the full value of expensive furnishings. I’d look for good STR insurance rather than relying on cameras.

Anytime you put something in your rental that is exceptionally expensive or sentimental, you’re running a big risk. Air might pay $100 for a decorative vase, but they’re not going to tack on a bunch of 0’s because it was a Ming dynasty or sentimental item your great-great brought from the homeland.


It’s remote. Also the place we’re buying came with the nice furniture. So it wasn’t our foolish decision.

Then remove the nice furniture and replace it. Not to do so would definitely be foolish.

As others have said, even if you were “allowed” to have interior cameras, and even if you disclosed them in your listing, Airbnb would never cover the cost of replacing or repairing such furniture, even with photos.

Also as others have said, having interior cameras is a terrible business decision. It will cause people who read your listing to avoid booking with you. And for those who do book without reading about the cameras, they’re likely to give you terrible reviews if they find the cameras.

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Kyle I’ve edited your post to remove the personal information appearing here as part of your email signature.

There is a forum member here who remotely hosts her personal home filled with her things and some of them could be considered valuable, if for no other reason than they are vintage or unique. I don’t think she has had any problem with things walking off or being destroyed. She has cameras outside but not inside. Inside cameras are a terrible idea and you are going to have more trouble doing that than you will with “nice furniture.” Furniture depreciates quickly so it’s probably not a valuable as you think.

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Thanks for all that information everyone!

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I saw your other post, michigan lake house. I would not worry about the furniture, I have nice Amish made oak tables and I put out those 7" cork pot pad things as coasters, I even wrote COASTER on one and from the rings on them I see they are being used. The furniture likely was conveyed at no monetary value as banks do not want to be in the business of financing furniture. So you (likely) paid for the house and the furniture came with it for free. Let it go, take precautions and accept that something could happen but likely will not. Do not allow parties, do not allow too many guests.

Your furniture will survive.


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