AR Tour and Instructions around the house

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Is this an admin-approved post? This is not a spam forum.

See previous thread - same conversation

Previous thread is two and a half years old and the poster who started it wasn’t a first time poster here.

When someone shows up on the forum for the first time just to post a link to a product, it sure smells like spam.

:pig: :man_shrugging: I dont even know the name of the app, but sure looks cool!

I think its totally creepy with that disembodied head floating around.


I agree! I would be very put off by this - part of the reason I like Airbnb is the personal connections. As both a host and as a guest the best part of the Airbnb experience is the personal connections. I love meeting my guests. I love the feeling I get when they love my house. When I am a guest I am disappointed when I don’t get to meet the host.
The floating head is too impersonal - and creepy!

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Appreciate the thought of sharing another resource as I am interested in the topic. However, I’m not sure I think the disembodied head does the trick…People here do get riled up with product postings unless its someone whose used it and can speak to its success.