Anyone run a separate home business as well as Air?

I know that someone here runs a dog boarding or daycare business…

Other less invasive businesses may not be as conflicting but I run a dog boarding/walking/training business on the side.

I do not share this is in my listing. It hasn’t impacted negatively as of yet. But I have quite a few bookings coming up over the next few months and I wonder how others handle it (or how they would).

I only take 2 dogs at a time besides my own so it’s not unmanageable. But for example, I have a high needs client coming end of November and so blocked out Air dates for that time just so I can utilize the space myself and also not impact on the guests comfort.


That’s probably me. I board dogs in my home and was doing that first before I started Airbnb. I do share it in my listing and always have. When people had to come into my home, when I started in summer of 2014 my title was “K9 Karma Casa is now open to humans.” The dog business has always come first because I make more on it. However, I did a $16000 remodel two years ago so I could give the humans their own space and open my calendar more.

Although my approach changed and I’m booked on Airbnb more than previously, the dogs still come first. Keeping them quiet when there are guests can be challenging and I have blocked off days when I have lots of dogs. That said, holidays like t-giving and xmas are often taken by friends so not an issue.

I’ve had as many as 12 dogs here while having airbnb guests so it can be done. There are people who love dogs who would probably pay extra to stay here with that many dogs. LOL.


I work from home doing two jobs in addition to the two Airbnb apartments. It needs meticulous scheduling. The good thing is that, for example, I can be working at my’real’ job while I’m waiting for guests to check in- if they arrive at 3 pm or 6 pm makes no difference as it still gives me a three hour window in which to do some ‘real’ work and check the guests in/do the house tour.

This is excellent as I can arrange my life (mostly) around prep times and check ins.

The bad thing is that I am totally impatient with people such as workmen who say that they
'll arrive to do some work on the rentals on Monday morning at 10 but don’t arrive until noon - disrespect my time and you’ll be glad I don’t have a gun :slight_smile:

It also means that I have to have work scheduled very much in advance. At the moment I have diary entries up to the end of April next year.

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Ahhhhhh! Yes. Wow! 12 dogs! You must have an enviable space, talent for training, and an unparalleled zen outlook.:wink:

I have had only one problem. When someone showed up and SHRIEKED AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS. The first words out of their mouth was “I am afraid of dogs!”.

WHAT? I include my dogs in my listing pics, house info, and am listed as pet friendly!

It got us off on the wrong foot. He asked if they could be put away when he was around.
I said “No. The listing explicitly stated in so many ways that we are dog lovers.”
I offered to assist him in finding somewhere else to stay (no refund). He declined.
But it was hell on Earth for the bulk of two weeks, with the shrieking EVERY TIME he came into the yard or if they ran up to greet him or if they were anywhere but out of his sight.
His other vocalization was to sing the song from the Disney Frozen movie. Also at the top of his lungs.

This was the same guest who tried to book an additional 2 weeks when his stay was over. I couldn’t refuse his booking inquiry fast enough.

And the same guest who the police came to my door for roughly 2 months later (for who knows what).
Other than that, it hasn’t been bad. Though on one occasion, my daughter washed dog beds with linens and a guest complained about hairs. So, I am hyper vigilant about that now.

What are your thoughts on increasing prices for high needs dogs? Do you do that? Ie) separation anxiety/not housebroken/resource guarders/fearful aggression.
Or do you only take well adjusted ones?
Thanks! It’s good to know I have a mentor here. Lol!

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And the reason I ask if you do (or would) increase your rate is if for example, it’s off season and I get a dog booking who has high needs (severe separation anxiety), it is obviously much more work and it would impact on my guests stay I fear. This way, I may lose out on those Air days but there is a good possibility they dont get booked anyway. But it does offset the money I may lose (at least marginally).And the extra space is great for training.

I really hope to not do that again. I do have a good space considering my home is very modest. I’ve also invested thousands to make it easy to do in home dog boarding. I don’t do training but I think I am good with dogs. As for zen…well, that varies. LOL.

I think that’s viable. More dogs are more work. I don’t do that because I don’t really take high needs dogs repeatedly. That said I’ve only had to tell an few that I couldn’t take them again. The one non-neogotiable I have here is that dogs can’t be dog aggressive. They can be dog aversive, but not aggressive. I feed them all separately and I keep an eye out for resource guarding. I don’t have many problems with “not housebroken” but marking is definitely a battle with some.

I’m going to PM you with some more info.

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Awesome! Thank you!..

Totally unrelated: A long, long time ago a friend told me about inviting a new boyfriend to her home for dinner. Her well-behaved Irish Setter alternated lounging in the living room and supervising food prep (my dogs think it is their job to clean food spills).

Food was served, wine poured, dog sent to his bed in another room. During dinner the new BF mentioned, he would enjoy their dinner more if she would put the dog outside. Her response, “you know he lives here, you don’t. If you would like to be more comfortable, you are welcome to go outside…”. She happily finished the wine by herself and had nice leftovers.

My dogs are better judges of some people than I am. If my “I love everyone” pup doesn’t like someone, I don’t need that person around. BTW her dog didn’t like the BF.


Not a dog person (I don’t dislike them just not over fond), but I do have another “home business” – I’m Personal Chef. I go to client’s homes and cook for them – either 2 weeks of meals in one marathon 4-5 hour stretch; or dinner parties for 2-200. I do need some help with the larger parties but usually do 2-40 or 50 guest parties by myself.

I would definitely love to stay somewhere where I could pet dogs. The dogs were the best part of some of the shared spaces we stayed in when we went to Colorado recently.


My husband sometimes does metal work downstairs where the rental apartment is- we did some extra soundproofing down there between the studio and the apartment. I also disclose that he has an art studio and may make noise, ask guests to tell us if it’s ever bothering them, and he doesn’t work too early or too late now. In about 4 months of hosting, I’m happy to say it hasn’t caused any problems! That was a big concern when I was starting.

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Though on one occasion, my daughter washed dog beds with linens and a guest complained about hairs. :rofl::rofl:
I think I need to put a picture of Bella on our listing. She’s mentioned once or twice.
It would be nice to invite her into the Gypsy trailer once in a while when we are there. It hasn’t happened yet due to possible “pet free” - “dog hair free status”… is that possible or even desirable status for us to have??

Our other option is to invite pets to be Bella’s guests aka dog boarding. Not sure if that’s right for us, though, as small dogs will not be guestable.

We do have another company on site but it’s unrelated and reasonably quiet and in the shop 50 yards away from the Tiny Tiki Trailer Zone.

That’s her with her custom wetsuit, she’s part otter.


I remember that now. I actually went to your listing just to look at the food. That’s all I remember about it! Now, Ken…do you promise guests breakfast every time? What if you have a scheduling conflict and will be away working when you usually make breakfast? How do you juggle that? And do you ever run into any other sort of issue (storage etc) with your work and guests?

Ugh. That sounds exactly like my stepfather.
If the dog isnt bothering him, why is it an issue? I used to get soooooo tense when I would take my dog over as to him, dogs didnt live inside and were dirty. BE ALLOWED TO SLEEP IN YOUR BED? He almost had a heart attack when he found that out.

Dogs are excellent new BF (or GF) screeners.:slight_smile:


I have really lucked out for the most part with animal loving guests! Some even ask the dogs to go in for a visit because they miss their own dogs.:dog::heart:


Ok. You have no idea how much your listing sounds right up my alley! Can you please post a link here??

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Oddly enough, this is also an issue for us. We have a working shop on premises as my BF is a McGyver type woodworker and handyman.
I also refinish furniture so often there is a staple gun/compressor/orbital sander/ sprayer attached to me. If you aren’t used to tools, they are loud! I always tell guests the exact same thing about noise. If you are bothered, let me know and I will shut it down immediately.

For some time, BF has been rebuilding his shop in garage. And the last guests we had did remark on all of our “projects on the go” (in such a way that you got the hint that it wasn’t entirely positive). Because there was so much equipment that had to be stored temporarily outside while BF finished building, it does look a bit Sanford and son out there. It is driving me CRAZY! The inlaws are here for one more week and this is a project his Dad and he are bonding over. But every night at bedtime, I am probably driving him mental as I turn to him and say "ticktock ticktock. Countdown to shop complete deadline T minus 6 days (or whatever it is). I am trying to impress upon him that things like this DO impact the suite!

Can I ask what you did for soundproofing? And it does work??

Oh and one more thing, Ken…I am curious…Does your wife or partner have all meals made daily? Do they like to cook to or are they relieved that you take care of it?:slight_smile:

Dohm white noise machine. I didn’t hear the garbage men today (very very loud). Encourage guests to use it, it really works. I travel with one!

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OMG. And here I am thinking of panelling the walls with that egg carton material, nailing rugs to the garage walls…and this solution did not even occur to me! Thanks!

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