Anyone else see the new "grace period" cancellation option?

I was checking my listing a few minutes ago for views, and they gave me the hint “Let people booking at least 14 days ahead of time cancel and get a full refund if they cancel within 48 hours of booking”. We are on the strict cancellation policy.

Anyone else see this? Did you take it? I’m trying it - we have a few days open in a few weeks, then nothing at all until the end of February, so I’m willing to try giving 48 hours now.


Interesting… keep us updated please on how it went.

I haven’t seen it, but I have a strict cancellation policy for a reason, so won’t be trying it.


I’d be very curious to know if the guest gets one of those automatic cancellation reviews on their profile. I do hope so

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Helsi - I have the strict policy for a reason, too. The biggest reason is that we would never rebook if someone cancelled a week before arrival. But, since this is 48 hours at booking, it gives them time to finalize their flight arrangements. I wish it were 24 hours instead of 48, but I’ll see how it goes.

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I guess the issue for you would be then if a guest books a week in advance and then has 48 hours to make up their mind, as this would mean you would miss out on other bookings.

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Helsi, the grace period does not apply to bookings less than 2 weeks away.

I’ve decided to try it to see if I get more AirBnB bookings, but I’m not sure it will change anything.

I think Airbnb is getting many complaints from guests about no refunds and they are trying to steer hosts away from the strict policy.

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That’s interesting. Yes do let us know how it goes.

The issue for us as hosts is trying to understand how many more guests we get because we offer this cancellation period, than if we didn’t.

I’m trying it. My logic is that most of my reservations are made months in advance and by allowing a penalty-free early cancellation, I’ll swap out anyone with buyer’s remorse with one who is better suited to my place. (Perhaps leaving better reviews, too)

I’ve had people cancel shortly after booking because they read the details AFTER booking and found a mismatch (or mistakenly thought you’d want to get anywhere near L. Michigan in a bathing suit in May :joy:) and I don’t want to host a stay they felt hostage to.


I just got that message too for my listing. Due to circumstances I have just unblocked December so have the whole month to fill. I have Strict Cancellation policy so will try “grace period” feature first two weeks of the month and see how that works.

I won’t be seeing it but to having the flexible policy. Most travel services have something similar as an option so it’s logical for Airbnb to try to force hosts into offering the same. I agree that 24 hours is more in line with what other services do.

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Friends, mark my words. This will soon become NOT OPTIONAL. All the platforms are doing this. And as K9 said, they have to keep up with them. Ugh… another whip to the back of hosts.


I’ve seen the message. I interpreted differently.

For Flexible & moderate, In the past if a guest made a reservation on December 1st for March 1-7 (example) which the host accepted/approved, then the guest cancelled it on December 2nd, they would NOT receive a refund on Airbnb fees. They would receive only the rental & taxes back.

This is Airbnb giving them 48 hours to cancel & get the Airbnb fees back too. It shouldn’t affect our reservation policies.

For Strict it is as if the Strict cancellation policy becomes effective 48 hours after the reservation is approved. However, it is only for reservations made two weeks or more in advance so hopefully it willl not be frequently used.

@Annet3176. For the past year, AirBNB has not kept the fees if the guest canceled within the cancelation period.

EDITED to CORRECT: It was December 7th, 2016, not a year.


Good information. Thank you.

Got the message yesterday or was it the day before …I am fine with it and have applied it across all my listings. And if it helps with the search results, the better.

It has been applied to mine, was not notified or given an option just appeared.

Received a booking request from a guest in South Korea. When I went to approve Airbnb paused it with an announcement that this would be covered under South Korean regulations and guest would be able to cancel 30 days out with a full refund. Um, my ranch is located in the United States. What gives?

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The South Korean government imposes that restriction on everyone in an attempt to protect their citizens, but its going to really result in the poor guests getting declined more often than not.