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Any update on financial aid for STRs?

Hi, any updates for AirBnBs in California? Any state or federal relief for those of us who did not file as self-employed? Our AirBnB is our main income as a retired couple. We rent out an apartment conversion within our home.
Looking for super low interest loans, or better yet unemployment compensation.
thank you!

If you are self employed you should have filed taxes…

If you should have and did not then file now and pay back tax

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I would assume they filed Schedule E for rental income instead of Schedule C.


They aren’t saying they didn’t file. They didn’t file as self-employed. For some people it is just passive rental income.


Our tax advisor did not suggest filing as self employed so we didn’t. Taxes have already been filed.
Anyone have any info about assistance for the loss of income for an STR like ours?

You may qualify for something under the business loans and grants.

This article is a decent starting place. You could further research anything from here that looks like it might fit for you.

hi have any hosts received an invite for the airbnb grant relief program?

Maybe you should be more specific. Airbnb announced 2 programs.

The USD250M cancellation fund which helps hosts that had strict cancellation policy.

The USD10M Superhost relief fund, which only applies to Superhosts.

Which are you referring to?

I am wondering if any super host have received any invites regarding the Superhost relief fund.

I’m sure no one has that wants to post about it. Keep in mind that the fund is limited so if I were invited I sure wouldn’t be telling anyone about it. Last thing I want is to help people I don’t know get a share of my money.



You should contact the local bank that you do business with and see if they are participating with the SBA program as part of the CARES bill. Banks just got the regulations on Friday night so they are still figuring it out.

I filled out paperwork for both my own self-employed business and a separate claim for the Airbnb (they were sure how to handle the Airbnb ). I also did the same for unemployment. I just learned for unemployment that states were given them instructions on how to process until this past Saturday.

I haven’t heard anything and I qualify

Hi. i have not heard anything since the initial announcement. I also just heard that the PPP CARE Act is no longer accepting loan apps. If you didn’t get an app in before today - no luck. Congress might contribute more funding later…

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