Anticipating a bad review!

So a couple made a reservation at our place 2 months ago. One month ago we got news some work will be taking place in our building stating the last 3 days of their stay (they booked 2 weeks).
I, for one, would not want to show up and find out!
So i write to them 1 month before their stay and explain the situation of the last 3 days - i offer to shorten their stay, cutting the last 3 days of noise, or cancel it altogether if they prefer to stay elsewhere for the entire duration (apologies and everything). I also say of course you’re welcome to also stay but i doubt it will be pleasant.
They answer all understanding and relaxed about it and tell me no it’s ok, they will just change their ticket to depart earlier if I am willing to refund the last 3 days in cash. I say sure no problem.
Fast forward to checkin day, they get in, i write them as usual when am not the one doing the checkin - they are happy and delighted and love the place and all that jazz! they got their money etc…
Next morning: all hell breaks loose! I got 4 consecutive messages with the lady MAD as hell saying they just went to the airport to change their tickets (not sure why that is) and they paid over 800 euro for the changes because it was last minute.
She yelled at me for 4 messages straight about how much this change has cost her, and how she used her credit card when she doesn’t have the money. at some point she does say she knows she said she was fine, but she is very mad.

Hmm…I restrained myself from telling her a. u accepted this deal a month ago b. who waits this whole time to change their tickets. c. in this case why didnt u just look for another place to stay (of course my refund for 3 nights was not 800 euros, but other airbnb accomodations are def. available)…
i didnt, i said i was so sorry for her troubles, and understand her frustratoins, and well…basically, i hope she still can enjoy the rest of her stay.
No reply!

today i figured she may have cooled down so just wrote to checkin if everyting is ok, no reply…
soooo am anticipating some kind of bad review from her!

how should i deal with it if it comes? Ive never replied to any reviews, but i think if she does write something bad i will have to clarify. i get it, she is mad at herself and needs a scapegoat.

I’m confused. What does this have to do with you? Or to put it differently, what did you do or not do that would put you at fault? Is there some context missing?

No, am not at fault - the only thing i did was to tell them one month prior that the last 3 days there would be some work in the building and ask them what they want to do about it.

She is basically mad at herself I assume and didn’t find anyone to yell at - so she yelled at me. i let it pass (i am a super patient person) and figured let’s be understanding. but now that she’s not even replying to my message asking if everything is well in the apt - i am assuming she will say sthg negative.
I never reply to reviews (anyway nothing ever warranted a clarfication) but i feel like if she writes something, i will need to respond to clarfiy.

Am just annoyed that I feel like i will have to reply to a review which i always feel makes hosts look defensive.

I have to say their stay is not over yet, so maybe it’s all in my head and she’ll come to her senses, but am still stressing out because i never had a guest be so unpleasant about sthg that was their fault…

should i have been more firm in my initial response, like saying “sorry to hear it was so expensive, changing it when you found out, i.e one month ago, would have probably cost you less. OR, finding another accomodation…” ??

No, I would never put it straight like that. It has to come from them.

I would have acted stupid replied like :“Sorry, I do not understand why you went to change your ticket today? Why do you want to change it for the second time? Is there something wrong with the apartment?”

Let her explain in writing the mistake she made, If you have that in writing, maybe you can get AirBnB on your side when you get a bad review.

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Is she a nut case?? She yells at you for …airport charges?? How does it have anything to do with the apartment?
And why she changed her tickets only when she arrived?Couldn’t she go somewhere else for these 3 days, like hotel instead of paying 800$ for changing fees. This is crazy, she is crazy, dont worry about her review.

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Ah that’s an excellent answer!! dammit, i am not slick enough. Inded that would have been best, because no one assumes that the person would wait until they’re on the spot to change their ticket, also going to the airport to do it, I am still very confused by that bit…but not asking anymore questions…

same thought but kept it to myself as she was just insane, and her whole thing is weird (waiting so long, going to the airport to make the changes…)

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The only thing I can see you did wrong was to refund her in cash without anything in writing through the Airbnb message system. This should have been done through the resolution centre/change booking function so that she doesn’t try and put in a claim about the noise etc and pretend you never gave her the cash.
Other than that you’ve done nothing wrong and she’s a complete Nut Job


I wonder if you could now write something breezy and innocent through the Airbnb messaging system like:

Hi Nutjob
Not sure if you got my last two messages. I’m just checking in to make sure everything is OK and that you’re enjoying (LA/DC/Tokyo) and that everything is fine with the apartment. Do get in touch if you need anything or have any questions.

Either she will ignore you, in which case you haven’t lost anything but gained back some self-respect by showing her how normal people communicate, or she’ll send you an aggressive reply (“How dare you, you’ve ruined my vacation!”) in which case you have some written confirmation of her aggressive behaviour, or, who knows, she just might be feeling ashamed and apologise for her behaviour - miracles happen and people are unpredictable!

Whichever it is, you will have shown yourself, in writing, to be an attentive and considerate host. I always find it makes me feel better to seize the moral high ground and show myself to be a better person than my adversary, in a caring way, of course … it’s a sneaky manoeuvre but it often works!

And stop worrying … don’t think in any way that you have contributed to her woes. You warned them honestly about the noise, when you could have just left it, and it’s her total inneficiency that has caused the extra charges. I’m wondering if her travelling companion is furious at her for not making the changes earlier and she’s somehow trying to divert the blame to you? Just a thought …


Why o why did you give her cash back, and not just alter the reservation? You do realize you can click on the reservation, and edit the dates…right? Well I guess too late now…but if I were you, you may want to get your side of the story into Airbnb now, just in case she is plotting something to start complaining and making a claim. It’s not good when guests go silent.

I agree with Yana. The lady is crazy. I don’t understand why she would leave your area 3 days early just because of this work that was going on in the building. Really?? She could not go out in the day and enjoy your city? Was your building forcing people to have to vacate? Even if so, I can’t believe she couldn’t figure out what to do for 3 days.

I have no idea why they didn’t just stay elsewhere…
with regards to noise in the building, well her profile has only one sentence which is " i like silence" soooo…I was quite sure she’d want to leave ;- )

So they’re new airbnb users and they just got their first review from a host! probably the stay right before ours…the host does not seem pleased with them, they apprently left a dirty place and clogged her sink.

not good news!!!

Oh dear!!

So if they would have been out and about on those 3 days, would they have even heard anything?

People are so crazy.

no the work stops at 5pm! but if they wanted to sleep in might be more of a problem.

But sleep in till when??

If you get a negative review, don’t bother to reply. However, in your public review of the guest mention poor communication. Then, in the section where you can tell AirBnb about this guest, detail the problem with the construction and the guests strange communications.

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I have to agree with Australia and cabinhost about the cash refund. I’m sure you see now why that’s a bad idea and it could be an expensive lesson. I have learned so much on this forum that I think will help me avoid future problems. @Chris is the best at advising how to get the guest to admit guilt. LOL. Keep us posted.

Yes - no more cash refunds - what proof do you have that you gave it? And you went outside airbnb, so they can’t help you. And on the system she still has a reservation for the whole stay, correct? So you couldn’t kick her out if they decide to stay.

However, that’s water under the bridge - lesson learned.

Don’t worry about the review; she will come across as the nut job, not you. What is she going to say that isn’t going to sound crazy?

Sorry for the bad time…

Could be an Airbnb glitch. Sometimes my guests answer my messages but I don’t get them until two days later. Try texting directly via their cell number, if it is listed on their reservation.

as a caution, when the guest is not very responsive, send the exact same message to the air message box and at the same time text directly. That way, they will get the message if they do not have the air app notifying them. And it protects you in case they say something outside air, thru text - always answer thru air.

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