Another one of "those" reviews

Just a post for your entertainment, we’ve all had these types of reviews and if you haven’t, trust me, it’s coming!

This particular guest was an airbnb first timer, very pleasant and communicative all the way up to their arrival. Then silence for the duration of the stay. In my experience, this is great since I go to great lengths to let them know I am always available to answer any questions.

Check out was great, then 3 days later the review comes. Overall 4 stars, yet in all of the six categories, she rated us 5 stars. The public review was glowing. The reason for an overall 4 star? She commented privately, that the mountain air was “extremely dry.” She went on to say, " I would have contacted you about it, but it was our last night and bedtime for kids in an unknown place was not easy"

So sorry that she didn’t contact me so I could flip the switch to turn on the humidity in southern california during the height of fire season! Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy, even if at my expense!! :wink:


LOL. I keep waiting.

What the actual… you know.

I would have to write back and ask what her proposed solution is? A humidifier in the house?


I provide cool mist humidifiers in each of the two bedrooms, she said these didn’t do anything!


This thread is an instant classic.


Yep - 4 stars for you because there was not much to do in my town on a weekend… still wondering why they came here for the weekend…


That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. That would be like me booking something in the rain forest and complaining about the rain. :roll_eyes:


Actually that one is quite common. Just had friends leave their stay in the rainforst earlier because of too much rain …


Me too. :slight_smile:

Not in a review but (and I’ve mentioned this here before) I once had a guest call me from the beach complaining that the ocean wasn’t blue enough…


Hilarious! A friend who’s a ranger at Yellowstone gets asked almost every day why the geysers aren’t on a schedule.


Yep booked near the airport and complained about the planes overhead. My listing is “airport accommodation”.


Early on in hosting, I got a three-star review from guests who publicly complained that Seattle (not even my neighborhood) was too hilly.


I had one that complained that ‘you need a car to get around’. Cape Cod. Not sure if they thought the Cape was walkable from Bourne to PTown??? LOL Oh and the CC bus is right around the corner…


The dumbest, and maybe only, complaint I’ve received was, “We thought it was going to be more like ______ (a tiny seaside village).” Doh. I’m in a major US City!

It didn’t end up in the review because there were other issues with those guests (when it rains, it pours) and they committed review-extortion so the review was never published.

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The first time I had that, it was followed almost immediately by one that said ‘you don’t need a car here, everything is nearby’.

So if I’m looking as a guest, and see either of those statements, I pay no attention. :slight_smile:

A woman gave me 5 stars, but in the public review left a very serious sounding warning to future guests that the stairs that lead to the second story of my house are very close to the front door.


HAHAHA! I also had feedback that the sun is too bright in the UK (I’m pretty certain it’s the same sun as they have in Austria), Cardiff doesn’t have a very interesting history (sorry about that), the shower was out of control (I still don’t understand that one), and that a King Sized bed wasn’t big enough for two people (they were a TINY couple).


I have receive 1 start from

  1. public transportation not service at 1-2 a.m.
  2. teenager put the code to lockbox, but doesn’t know she need to take the key from lock box to open the door by herself.



Ok, seriously. This one takes the cake!

[quote=“CardiffPete, post:16, topic:37136”]
that the sun is too bright in the UK

:flushed::roll_eyes: these are priceless!

Got 3 stars for location because the couple was out at 10pm looking for a restaurant. There are only villages, not even towns. Luckily I was able to direct them to a Chinese restaurant that was still open.

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