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Another glitch in the system is substracting the stars I earned

We are been evaluated in 6 categories plus Overall Experience and thankfully the system provides us a way to look how the stars are distributed under each category in out Stats page. Well, in the last 21 reviews I got (since review 200) every new star rating I received was subtracted instead of being added to the total.

For example, this screenshot that shows how my Overall Experience starts distribution looks NOW

And the following one is the screenshot that shows how it looks before my last review

So before my last review, my total number of ratings in Overall Experience was 188, and after that, it ended in 187. As the last review was a 5-stars one was total was also affected and subtracted by one. Since this error came from my last 21 reviews I have really lost the count but I know that more than 90% of those reviews were 5 stars and I feel myself like being stolen. All the effort I put to satisfy my guest goes to the trash because a system glitch,

I have talked with customer support thousands of times and no one gave me a solution yet (4 months passed!)

Airbnb really should fire its software people. This sort of thing is inexcusable. What happens to the subcategories?

I hear you can post on their Facebook page, and I assume it’s public. Have you tried there? I’d include the screenshots, obviously.

All subcategories are affected as well. If someone gave me 5 stars in the 7 categories, the system subtracted me 1 star for each category in the 5-stars row. Nobody needs to be a genius in math to understand that a 5 stars review is the most harmful for me at this moment.

I have posted this in their Facebook page, Twitter, mail them, phone them. I’m a Superhost but I didn’t feel the special treatment they tell us to have. I have even mentioned my problem in a community meeting that was organized by Airbnb. Nobody gave a solution yet. I thought in starting a new account with a new user (my husband could be) as I will be losing rating average while this continues. You can’t imagine how frustrating is to being evaluated 5 stars and get punished for that by a system error, not to mention how frustrating is not getting any kind of help from their customer support.

I feel your pain. I’ve had exactly the same glitch since May 2016. I’ve talked to at least six customer service representatives. Some of the I have to educate about how reviews work; some of them tell me that the ones I spoke with previously didn’t send it to the correct “team” in the correct manner. They all promise to follow up. The problem hasn’t been resolved. If you can get it resolved please let me know what worked for you. Yes, I have tried tweeting. They promised to get back to me via email; but have failed to do so.

Hi @florbone,

That really is bizarre. And for 4 months? There should be some way of making this kind of thing more public. Maybe a bunch of people with particularly strange and/or persistent issues with the platform could try to get a journalist interested. Or write a collective blog post.

Oh, and the number of guests reviews is now badly out of sync with the star counts, right? And what happens if someone gives you less than 5 star in a category? It’s correctly added?

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I’m having the same glitch. No the stars are not correctly added in any category. Sometimes they are staying the same despite the new review. Sometimes they are reversing. I have 223 reviews, but the Stats Page is showing 199. Interestingly the verbiage that says, “Great work! Your last X ratings were each 5 stars. Overall, you’ve received 5 stars XX% of the time. On average, hosts near you get 5 stars XX% of the time.” is correct.

It’s weird that only a few people (apparently) are seeing this behavior, but most us aren’t. Aren’t they using the same code everywhere? Web programming isn’t rocket science - I don’t understand why they are screwing up so badly. It’s even weirder that they are (apparently) having trouble fixing it.

I’m tempted to write to them and offer my services. I’m pretty good at fixing bugs. Though I’m no fan of web programming.

The could happen if a guest who stayed with you before the 4 star review was given gave you a five star review. If you have lots of of one night stays, that is highly plausible for the two week time period.

This feature sorts reviews not by when the guest left the review, but in the order the guest stayed at your listing.

I’m not sure what happens when someone gave me less than 5 stars because almost all of them were 5 stars since the problem started ( I guess just one of them was 4 stars butI didn’t take a screenshot of it). The issue is more complex than how it looks. I’m facing 3 possible scencarios: A.The stars are being added correctly B.the stars are being substracted C. Nothing happens (the review appears but the stars rating is frozen)

You hit the target because my problem started at the end of April (April-29 2016) and yours in May 2016. I don’t know if this is just a casualty but my problem started since I reach review number 200. I thought that was a threshold number that might make the system worked badly so I mentioned that to customer support to take a lot on it.

Customer support always replied saying there is no problem which makes me very angry (screenshots are so obvious). I started thinking they could be thinking my intentions were to raise my rating so instead of me being the one who send the screenshot I tell them to send what they saw in my stats and to compare that with the new data after someone leaves me a review. All this didn’t make any difference. The guy/girl that talks to you realize you really have a problem and he will be delivering the ticket to correct team (same as you) and after days/weeks the correct team gets back to you (in a cold mail) saying that they checked everything and there is no problem with your account. Your ticket is closed, you get mad, you phone them again, another ones answers the call and the “correct team” gets back to you with the same cold mail saying that everything is fine. This since 4 months!

Your reputation in Airbnb is all what it matters. If there is glitch harming your reputation then it should high priority issue. After 4 months I know there will be no solution so I have thought in starting a new account. I will lost all my reviews (221) and my Superhost status but I can’t move forward with this. I should say I’m sad (and hope you can forgive me) but I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one having this problem. Maybe if there are a bunch of users being affected, there is some hope to get a solution. It feels horrible to see how you lost stars every time someone gives you a review (and a good one!)

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Actually, if the system is so screwed up, I wonder how you know what the stars are supposed to be? Airbnb doesn’t report individual guest ratings, unfortunately. So all of us get to infer individual guest ratings by subtracting the differences of cumulative scores. Basically, all Airbnb is achieving is making us work harder at a completely pointless primary school arithmetical exercise. So, if the cumulative scores are messed up, how do you know what the individual scores are? Are you checking with your guests?

The total amount of reviews the Stats page says that I have is incorrect. The Stats page says I have a total of 199 reviews. My listing shows that I have 223 reviews.

You can tell if the last guest left you five stars or not because of the verbiage, “Great work! Your last 2 ratings were each 5 stars. Overall, you’ve received 5 stars 90% of the time. On average, hosts near you get 5 stars 76% of the time.” which is still correct.

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While I don’t mean to be difficult, if everything else is wrong, how do you know that is right? Have you tried confirming with guests?

EXACTLY as you said. THE SAME THING TO ME! And you only realized that someone reviewed you with 5 stars thanks that the X number in the message “Great work! Your last X ratings were each 5 stars”.

I’m still trying to find a pattern when this happens but I can’t yet. I have to add that in the last review I got, I still haven’t reviewed back the guest but the stats have changed (which they shouldn’t). The ‘weird thing here is that the X in the ‘Great work! Your last X ratings were each 5 stars’’ didn;t change this time but I know is a 5-stars review because it was subtracted in that total. I believe the X will change once I submit the review to my guest but all these weird behaviour is what make me eager to scream HELP!

You said you have 223 reviews. I have 221 reviews. Could it be possible that the problem started in your account at review 200? I have another apartment listed where there is no problem with the ratings (yet) but I have 191 reviews there.

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It could be incorrect, but I don’t think it is. The numbers are increasing, not staying the same or reversing. I do ususally ask the guests what I can do to improve when they give me less than five stars. I don’t get many ratings less than five stars, but the verbiage recently led me to believe that I had received a rating of less than five stars for location. I asked the guest what I could do to improve. He said that there was nothing I could do to improve except move the location to the hills. Interestingly, I have also been dinged on location for not being closer to the beach.

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Yes, my problem did start at 200 reviews. Was that when it started for you?

That actually makes total sense from a programming point of view. I bet that code hasn’t been touched in years, and there was an assumption made early on that 200 was enough to account for. In the code bros caffeinated and beer driven state, they just couldn’t imagine that AirBNB would become the powerhouse it is now. Another flaw in thePlatform!


The problem stated at review 200. The information of review 201 was the same than the one of 200 and I didn’t worry then because I though it will be solved in the next review. I can’t be precise on this but I believe that almost until my review 210 the stats were frozen with the same data and after that the subtraction began. If your problem started at review 200 and mine as well, I’m not so wrong in thinking that there a small subset of users out there facing the same issue as us. As I said I have an another apartment with 191 reviews and no problems still. I will have to wait until review 200 to let you know.

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I’m 100% that the verbiage is right.

Here is the screenshot I submitted when I reached review number 202 and when I decide it was time to report the bug in my account. I have made some scrawls over it to help customer support understood my issue. Just look how numbers are so mess up in comparison to what I have now. Back then I was having a total of 186 reviews in Overall Experience and now, being reviewed 19 times more, I have just 187. Some of the stars have being added, other don’t while others subtracted.

Yes, sure, tech guys make mistakes. I’m ok with that but I’m not ok with not getting any help to solve the issue. They just don’t want to recognize they have a problem. They might think “Oh, this is just another one that doesn’t understand how the stats page works, just close the ticket and report her everything is fine with the numbers”.

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