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Annual Financial Statement

Having been closed for a while I’m having trouble finding my way around in Airbnb. I’m trying to generate an Airbnb Annual Revenue Statement for 2019/20 for my tax return. Any suggestions folks?

I just asked for an income statement and it was emailed to me the next day. I think I clicked on Performance and on the bottom there was an option for income verification.

On a PC: Performance - Earnings - View Transaction History. When that opens, over on the right of the screen - View Earnings Summary

I don’t seem to see the View Earnings Summary. Here is a screen recording.

My screen definitely looks different than yours.

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I’m not sure where you are located, but on Feb 1, 2021, I received an e-mail from “Airbnb Tax (<discover@airbnb.com)” with subject “Your 2020 Earnings Summary is now available” that has a link to retrieve my 2020 Airbnb Earnings Statement.

We are in Australia.

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