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Animal Fearing Guests


I wonder if some of them are lying about it. I’ve noticed people casually lie about things all the time, including on this forum. Also people seek out a forum like this when they are pissed off. So maybe what happened (this is a made up example) is that the guest was refunded because the guest said the house smelled of cat piss. But the host reads that as the guest was pissed about the cats being there.

I’ve also wondered if Airbnb looks at the host’s entire record when deciding to refund. Do they flag our accounts with notes and then use those notes to decide? A good host with no issues gets different treatment than the host who is always calling in with some problem?


Oh dear I hope not @K9KarmaCasa :slight_smile: :frowning:


But it makes sense (I’m not saying it’s right, there are many business practices that morally speaking aren’t right) to favor clients who aren’t costing you as much money.


Us Irish are full of it !!!


This is a very interesting thought. I do believe they keep records of what we call in about. I would imagine a host or guest that calls in about every little thing gets flagged. I am willing to bet.


It can be unnerving what they see. I remember the first time I called in to one of my credit card companies and they said “first, we’d like to thank you for being an account holder since 1989.” Now I kind of expect special treatment when I call to customer service of any company. LOL.


I know what you mean. My bank, credit card company, broker…amazing lightening-fast bend-over-backward service.

Department stores, not so much. … :laughing:



I rarely shop at department stores or use their credit cards. But last year I bought my modular bookcase set for my living area on Pottery Barn. They had a significant (worth $900+) offer if I bought it with their credit card so I did. Then in Oct I ordered a recliner intending to pay for about half of it with the coupon I got from the prior purchase and I get another $200 coupon. I won’t bore you with details but between the two orders I’ve spent hours on the phone or emailing about these orders. I hope to have my recliner in May. Once I get that and use my remaining credits (not ordering furniture) I am closing that account and vowing to never buy furniture from them again.


What!? Two more months before you get your recliner?!!
Wow, that’s quick…took me three months.

And, that didn’t end the saga.
Wait until you discover the flaw, or whatever. … :persevere:


I left that part of the story out. The recliner arrived, two weeks later than the expected date, but was damaged. So they shipped it back and ordered another one. No notification to me at any point in the process. It was only by going online and checking did I discover something amiss and start calling. So five or six calls later I get shipping refunded and my $900 credit applied and my new bonus certificates mailed. The 2nd recliner will cost me only $660 and I have another $200 in credits so really $460. It’s a nice recliner for that price. Good thing I wasn’t in a hurry. I’d like to put the $200 towards more furniture but it’s such a PITA to get furniture from them. There’s no PB store in my town so that doesn’t help. Maybe I’ll just get some new overpriced linens.


I also only ordered the wall unit because with sale prices they were cheaper than any other options for comparable product. That stuff was also not perfect but I wasn’t about to ship it back. It looks good all set up.


Ooooo, love this and would sure love a gander at your library!


Give me a couple of author names and let’s see if we have some tastes in common.


Wow, that’s a hundred times better than my cheapo Ikea bookshelves! :heartbeat:


We do. I see one on the upper right called BEERS. :rofl::rofl::beer::beer::beer::beers:


For the money Ikea has some nice looking stuff. But I didn’t want to assemble anything. These pieces, though expensive, assembly and setting up in the house was included.



Yes yes yes, Shakespeare, Joyce, Plath


In Europe, IKEA also provides a paid assembly service. In Porto it wasn’t even that expensive and it saved us lots of hours of sweat.


They do here in the US as well. But the closest IKEA is a 6.5 hour drive one way.