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Animal Fearing Guests


Oh-mi-Gawd…this thread evolved from “Animal Fearing Guests” to IKEA! I love it!

I’ve never been in or even SEEN an IKEA store. I finally ordered a catalog…just because…and arrgghh!

I am sooo deprived!!


They do, and I’ve found it helpful. I’ve had a previous issue mentioned when asking about something and the comment passed that “you only call with good reason”. So those who call and deemed to be without good reason, are probably flagged negatively.


Your dog is lovely, adorable and cant cause an allergy as its a poodle mix. Sending love and dont give any refunds to guests who dont like Coco.


We have one in Charlotte. Come in over—I’ll give you a tour! :grinning:


Back to the original post which I read before the Ikea comments. Its always amazing to me when someone is terrified of a dog, but they must have their reasons. I will be mentioning our dog who is a brown doberman and the neighbors dogs who bark in the listing several times. In fact, if the guests want to come visit us, they will have to brave opening the gate which Bella will be attending!! Not asking for dog lovers or dog owners, just people that realize most dogs are friendly but not necessarily quiet.

YA I have a trip in my future just to see what Ikea has<><


@gypsy - “Its always amazing to me when someone is terrified of a dog…”

(You’re kidding, right?)


I strongly advise putting a picture as well. Even with descriptions and pictures you will, no doubt, get guests who approach the gate, see the dog, leave and cancel their booking. You may or may not get to keep the money. Good luck.


Yes there will certainly be photos of dogs. And we certainly do not want any guests that are unhappy. I’d rather see them go straight off and refund them within reason.


Well; I’ve only met one person who was terrified bona fide. I think she had been bitten or maybe attacked in her past. But she had owned dogs too. I guess I just love animals and they love me back:)


People are generally “terrified” if they have been traumatized in some way.

That you find it “amazing” when someone is terrified of a dog…amazes me.
Just sayin’.


I was amused that a potential guest asked me to get rid of my cats so we could receive him. I told him we didn’t have a closet big enough for him, not the cats. Honestly, how can people be so idiotic. Perhaps he should tell parents of brats to closet them too as they are obnoxious while our cats are educated gentlemen.


I am so nervous about animal fearing guests! I just posted my listing, which is on my small hobby farm. I call it the farmhouse camper and have pictures of the animals + my dogs, but I just know someone isn’t going to read everything and show up and be terrified by all the chickens and other random animals milling around haha OR be annoyed when my roosters are crowing in the morning even though I write that there WILL BE lots of animal noises.

I know better than to expect every person to read my whole listing, but anytime I personally stay in an Airbnb I read every word to make sure I’m not going to run into something I’m not prepared for.


Just message the guests to confirm the understand they are staying on a noisy farm.


Are there quiet farms???


No, not even arable farms. I’ve just had someone complain about the farm tractors trundling past the lane, but at least they didn’t mention the smell from the recent muck spreading!


LOL can’t wait to hear what people say when my hubby starts with our tractor while guests are here :rofl:


Ikea is great - until you get home with 900 boxes and pieces to put together that single piece of furniture you saw in their lovely showroom. So like a candy store, where you get home and have to put together each candy with 9000 pieces and a screw or piece missing! :tired_face: Having said that, I often get barely used Ikea items from Craigslist locally, where someone else had to suffer and put it together, went to school here for a few months and is now selling said item - CHEAPER and ALREADY PUT TOGETHER. Win/win. :grinning:

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