Amazon fire stick

I’m about to list my entire house, very excited and nervous at the same time.
Most of the rooms have Echo dots and two of the TV’s have firesticks.
My concern is could a guest buy films or anything else?
I’m never bought any films myself on the Firestick, so I am unsure what will happens.
Has anyone else any experience of this?

Thanks Andrew

I have the same situation and I’ve never had a guest order a film on my account. I have had them put in their own amazon account and order though. I wouldn’t have known but they left it that way (with their own account showing).

@Rowlie I switched out my firesticks to Roku sticks because they tend to use less bandwidth (at least on my TV’s). If I recall correctly, you can go in your Amazon account settings and go to parental controls to setup a PIN. Also, make sure your notifications are on for Amazon and you should get an immediate notification in your email is someone makes a purchase.

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You should probably turn off the Dots and put them securely away, since they can be considered a surveillance device. See

Will you be on the premises? If not, you should install a doorbell camera at a minimum, but an outside security system is a must, and you must disclose it in your listing.

Voting this one up – easy to set up the parental controls on your Amazon account.

Thanks guys
I found the setting on the stick and in one of the menus was parental control, so i’m hoping that will solve the problem.
thanks Andrew