Am I the only one who has cleaner issues?

Just need to vent for a minute lol.

Had a cleaner I liked personally, she was just too quick for cleaning. I asked her to be sure she could spend at least 4 hours minimum in the home. I was paying an hourly rate. She would come for an hour sometimes, leave sheets in the wash, even after I asked her not too.

Got another cleaner. Very nice thorough. She wanted to charge 350 per clean. 3 bedroom house 2 bathrooms. Then said she would charge half for 6 guests and under. Just said ok. Really liked her and gave her cohost credentials. I wanted to be up front and transparent with number of guests.

We have a mix of guest numbers. I’ve adjusted my extra guest fee to try and somewhat accommodate this crazy pricing structure.

Today I have 4 guests checking in for a 5 night stay… The guest just nicely messaged and stated she was having 2 people stay 2 nights who live an hour away. She wanted to be completely transparent.

My cleaner immediately messages me and tells me 6 guests now- her fee will go from 175-350. Now I thought it was over 6. She says no 6 and over.

I told her I wanted more of a tiered pricing structure. I guess it really rubbed me wrong the way she messaged immediately!

Ok I am ready for any beat down you wanna give :grin:.

Is this pricing structure out of control? I know I agreed to it! And am I wrong to be perturbed that she messaged me right away for 175 more dollars over these guests staying two nights?

She is making between 1500-2000 a month on just cleaning the property. So it isn’t like she’s a once a month person.

Thanks everyone!

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Do you live nearby the property? If so, I would suggest you clean it yourself. I block two days in between bookings so I can clean the house by myself. I also have a 5 night min. stay during the summer so I only have to clean the house four times a month. I have had bad experiences with cleaners so at this point I rather just do it myself.


I haven’t had any issues with cleaners once I got my husband trained to do it :laughing:


We will be nearby in August. My husband and I both work full time so unfortunately we don’t have the time to do it. Right now we are traveling in our camper- we rent out our home while we travel. The camper is self contained so it’s great for current times.

We do have a daughter that can get to the property within an hour for an emergency.

Although the rates we are paying, my husband could quit his job and clean lol. Although I am sure things will slow down in September! Summer is busy season here.


Too funny, and in my dreams…


It was actually a nightmare for quite awhile! I’m grateful that it eventually worked out.


WTF? Your cleaner’s pricing structure is stupid. She doesn’t spend twice as much effort on 6 people compared to 5, and with a 3-bedroom home, even the laundry is very likely almost the same amount of work if you’ve got large machines for the towels.

Do the math. How long does she stay to clean? I would expect 5 to 6 hours. That’s $60-$70 per hour for a cleaner.

I hope you’re not also paying her under the table.


Hi Brian, Definitely not paying her under the table. She has a self owned business and she will get a 1099 at the end of the year. No way am I not claiming that!

I agree. These mountain cleaners tend to have regular clients on a schedule. So finding someone to come on erratic days has been a challenge! My last cleaner was great but she would never say no to anyone, take last minute requests, then spend 30 minutes in the home, leaving laundry in the washer and dryer🤦‍♀️.

I agree- I can see 10 people being more work. Not 6 I told her to come up with a tier system. Otherwise it’s back to square one again!

The first day two cleaners were there for 5 hours. But she deep cleaned also as the previous cleaners were neglectful.

The guests now are older, have great reviews. I don’t see their two guests for the 2 nights are going to cause 175 dollars in extra cleaning.

$350 per clean full house?!!! What? Even half that is silly for half occupancy.

Replace her - fast! Do not accept the massive upcharge. $175 is PLENTY for a cleaning. Otherwise, she loses your business.


Thanks! I needed to hear that. I was bummed to pay so much. The final straw was when she doubled my price because 2 guests were added that are only staying two nights out of a 5 night stay. That went from rate per number of guests to a money grab. I think I need several people. It’s hard to get people to agree to clean on every date I need.

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That is where you say, “uh no. I’ll pay an extra $40 for the extra guests - it’s minor additional cleaning”.

Look on facebook marketplace, and advertise on you should be able to find someone.

If she wants to walk away from the arrangement and a very lucrative $175 for house cleaning regardless of 1-6 guests then LET HER WALK. Call her bluff. At that price, you’ll have no problem finding someone to do it. Good cleaners around here make $20-30 per hour. That’s it.

For that matter, until school starts up, I bet that some teens would LOVE to make $12 / hour Cash


I have a 3 person team who assist me with the cleans on 4 entire houses. They are all retired and I am the only one they work for. They are given as much notice as possible, they advise me of their availability. If no one is available, I do it on my own.
They get a small incentive on every 5 star review. They get between $20 - $25 an hour and I know how long each property takes to do. They appreciate the extra income and I appreciate their dedication.


I clean my small Airbnb space myself, but I’ve always thought, when people complain about their cleaners, and the difficulty of finding one who will come on an as-needed basis, that rather than look for someone who does that for a living, that looking for a retired, but active senior who liked to make some extra money, would be a good idea. You’re the first host I’ve seen say that’s exactly what they have.
Even a responsible older teen, (maybe one who’s kind of nerdy, so they don’t decide to go party when they committed to coming to clean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) could be trained to do a good job if you did it with them the first few times.

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Yes, agreed! I know these guests will be great. I’m curious to see what she comes up with over the next few days for pricing.

Thanks for the frank advice. I needed to hear it!


I pay a flat fee of what used to be $140, but with the tiny bit of extras now involved, I raised it to $150. Its a four bed, 3.5 bath home, 2 calif kings, one queen and two twins. Full kitchen, BBQ ($10 per time which is not every time) and come by and take the garbage and recycle down to the curb on Thursday nights and return the cans on Friday a.m. Its a Mother Daughter team and they’ve been doing it for 3 years now.

The owner’s wife threw a fit last fall cus they were not washing the bedspreads (which are drycleanable only) or the mattress pad every single time. But she was unwilling to pay the family any more, so I let those slide after a couple of weeks. We usually have just weekenders, but with the pent up demand for this month and next month, Jane and her mom have had to do some back to back turnovers. (when I have a back to back, I ask the renter to ‘start’ a load for us).

I used to be the housekeeper for this home and I was at $125, but I lived two blocks away and popped over there on and off to get 'er done.

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I do all my own cleaning and really don’t trust anyone else to do it, but I was thinking that it might be nice to have a back-up. You never know, I might get a life again and want to travel! :rofl:

I checked into Turnoverbnb (they have a phone app too) and received a ton of very reasonable bids. Has anyone used this service? The appeal is they supposedly specialize in Airbnb flips, and are pretty much an on-demand service. But again, who knows if their cleaning standards measure up to our own.

That’s a great idea! We have added a hot tub and the towels are a killer. Maybe I’ll ask them to start those. I’ve thought about paying a cleaner per load of laundry also to take with them.

I think you need to be cautious in what you ask renters to do, and is dependent somewhat on your target market, especially if you charge a cleaning fee. My son-in-law travels quite a bit on business, and isn’t the kind of guy who would leave garbage laying around, or a pile of dirty dishes. He would tend to book a studio apartment or 1 bedroom condo and he told me he resents paying a cleaning fee and also being asked to start a load of laundry, take the garbage out to the dumpster, etc. He’s barely at the places he rents- it’s used for sleeping, showering, eating a take-out meal, doing some online work. But mostly he’s out at meetings and interviews and business lunches and on check-out morning he usually has a plane to catch or has to spend time making himself presentable for the last meeting before leaving town. Being asked to strip the beds and start a load of wash before he checks out isn’t welcomed. He does it, but doesn’t feel it’s fair.

But if he and his family were on vacation, having rented a 3 bedroom house, he wouldn’t mind doing that at all.

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I did a quick search in the forum and someone mentioned a no show, which would be devastating! I hope someone chimes in with better news!

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