Am I the bad host to say firm NO?

I explained WASHING MACHINE IS NOT FOR GUEST on first day (and it is stated in the listing description) only to be asked by the guest day later CAN I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE WASHING MACHINE ?? And presenting their best puppy look eyes…
What is wrong with the people?
Am I the bad host to say firm NO??

No you are NOT a bad host. In fact, I wish more hosts would be a touch stronger with their guests. It sometimes seems to me that hosts are bending over backwards for their guests, pampering them and giving in to their every request and it’s totally crazy. How can they expect to make money or have a stress-free life?


No, you are not a bad host. You can also put in the review "this guest begged to use the washing machine even though my listing is clear that it’s not available for guest use. "


You are not bad, but you need to grow a bit of a backbone.

There is nothing wrong with your guests, they asked and you said yes. You could have just of easily said no.

Why didn’t you just let them know where the nearest laundrette is?

@Helsi - The OP did not say they said “yes”. I read it as they said “no” to the puppy-dog eyes and are now wondering if we think they should have said yes.


They gave a firm no.

I had a guy argue with me about using my garage. My listing used to say “maybe depending on the situation.” So he though he got to decide the situation, not me. He parked in the garage and all future guests lost the chance to even ask about it.


Well I said NO but it was beyond unpleasant experience for me :frowning:
And there IS a laundry service right in front of my building (btw that is the reason why I don’t let guest to use mine w machine!) and it works 6 days a week and I even quoted work hours to my guest. I can only asume that guest went there and decided to wash it for free instead paying 10 euros…

You are right, I said no but it left very bad quilt weight on my shoulders that’s why I reached forum to hear other opinions and to ease my pain :persevere:

I’m afraid that during your future Airbnb career you’re going to have to do and say things to your guests that are far worse than telling them they can’t use the washer! We can certainly ease your pain and reassure you that you did absolutely the right thing but I imagine that other hosts here will fear for your future if simply telling guests that they can’t use your stuff causes you such guilt.


I know it is silly of me but…
Thanks for support and fast reply :slight_smile:
I am not a rookie (3+ years in Airbnb!) but you can not master hosting ever with guests trying to save few euros by exploiting hosts :angry:

All the more reason to add value and not try to compete in price wars. Truly :slight_smile:

You are right @PitonView . Sorry @Dunja_Dunja.

That really is whole new topic about prices dropping day by day :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I have no idea where this will get us but to let guests stay for free? :woman_facepalming:

I have a HUGE bee in my bonnet about hosts who let their accommodation go for bargain prices. I know that Airbnb are trying to persuade hosts to lower their prices as though that’s why people use Airbnb in the first place. It isn’t.

Not all guests are cheapskates. What hosts are providing are accommodation experiences that are completely different and not at all like hotels and we should be proud of our rentals.

Admittedly there are hotels near me that are much more expensive than our apartments but there are also hotels (less well situated to be sure) that are half the price.

Hosts supply services that hotels simply can’t and we shouldn’t undervalue that.


It’s better to try not to use the word “no”, for your and your guest’s experience. Next time try: “BIG SMILE - There is a laundry service right across the street who does a fantastic job - BIG SMILE.”


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Or just say the washing machine is broken and the repair man won’t be out till “a day after they leave”. If you want to be dramatic add: “Because a previous guest ignored the rule and used it and broke it and now has to pay for the repair probably $200”. That should put them off and makes the laundromat seem cheap by comparison. In fact leave a permanent note: “Broken. Do not use” on it.

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And then some bobo guest will give her less stars, because the washing machine was broken :rofl:. I guess there is no winning when you show a guest a goodie, only to deny them having it :sweat_smile:.


True dat :japanese_goblin:

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@GutHend - welcome back! It’s been awhile since we heard from you.