Am I overreacting?

Gonna try to make this short. But before I begin the place is 500 sq ft it (1bd/1bth)and there isn’t a way to put a door on unless we move some walls. Ok story and question- Got a guest that arrived and texted immediately (we live 1/2 hour away) that she was unaware we didn’t have a door between living room and bedroom. I immediately texted back(very nicely) and told her if she felt the accommodations wouldn’t work for her they could find another place and I would refund them 100% or they could get one of the extra sheets we have and hang it over the doorway. She decided to use the sheet. Said she got it done and thank you. I think all is good. So about 2 hours later(5:30ish) my security camera is dinging my phone a ton!! I normally ignore it unless we don’t have guests and it is like 3 am. But it was going nuts with activity and I got curious. I scrolled through and saw Several people standing front of our property next door(shared driveway) and I thought oh my goodness the people next door are sneaking people in. I pulled up video (it has sound) and it was the no door lady talking to our other guests at the other property. Asking them the layout of their place, (they don’t have a door to their bedroom either) talking about the door. You could tell the poor people didn’t know what to say and the door lady kept saying,” it doesn’t have a door!!” And the other guests just stood there and when she finally started walking away the other guests said,”we hope you have a nice stay.” She yelled back over her shoulder-“there isn’t a door!!!” Ok. So my question, when I leave a review for her should I mention any of this? Or just mention her having an issue that I thought was resolved but she took it to the other guests and complained? Or am I being petty. Cause I will be honest-it made me MAD!!! I don’t like that at all!!! But maybe I am overreacting??

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Did the other guests complain about the interaction? I wouldn’t mention it if no. So long as a guest is clean, no damage, and is not high maintenance with questions, I don’t care if they are a little crazy.

It is clear in your listing that the place is a studio and not a 1 bedroom? Could try to avoid the confusion if not clear.

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No you’re not overreacting. She shouldn’t be giving your other guests a hard time at 3:00 AM. Thats really bad behavior for a guest because Airbnb’s are generally located in residential zones and not commercial. That means other people around Airbnb’s live there all the time, not just short-term, and therefore have a higher expectation of privacy because thats their home. When Airbnb guest’s don’t respect that and mind their own business, it often results in Airbnb’s being shutdown completely. She presumably had no way of knowing the other unit was rented on Airbnb until they told her. If it was rented on a lease and every Airbnb guest who stayed next door complained to your renter, they’d probably leave before too long.

As for the door, if there’s something to hang a sheet on I would think there’s something to hang a barn door on.


As long as they’re clean and didn’t actually break any rules and there’s really not much you can do. You took care of her issue and if she didn’t spot the no door in the photos or description then that is on her. She may actually take offense to the idea that you were watching and listening in on her conversation even though you are well within your rights to do so


I do have it noted that there is no door but it is lower in the description. I just rewrote it so it is closer to the top. Over 100 guests at this one and never a complaint about the (lack of) door before! She booked(instant) at about midnight the night before so I think she didn’t take care to read our (very short) description and you are right. Crazy is going to happen. I just hate that she would bother other guests because it has nothing to do with them. And we can’t put up a barn door because it would block the heater/ac. I had her get a plug in heater for the laundry room to put in the living room so her child wouldn’t freeze in there.

It wasn’t at 3 am. I was just saying I usually don’t check my cameras unless it is late like that. It was about 5:30 pm when she talked to the neighbors. They are older and were very nice to her. And I agree that it is just bad form and that it may turn off some clients to using Airbnb!!

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I wouldn’t say anything to her. I mean in the review. Should I mention she went and complained to other guests. And the security cameras are only facing the driveway and porches. And people have to acknowledge they understand we have that before they can book.

I think if you feel the need to mention it that you could say something like she felt the need to complain to other guests about an issue that you thought was already handled. Maybe also say that she would be better Suited to a hotel . I wasn’t questioning your use of cameras since they are mentioned on your listing and it wasn’t in any private area. She may get defensive and felt spied on whether that’s what you were doing or not though. Definitely let yourself come down before writing any review though. The least unemotional you can be the better.


Totally agree. 100%. I am still angry. I take my job very seriously and I just feel so bad for our guests at the other bungalow for having to deal with that-but can’t say anything to them because of that reason-don’t want anyone to feel like I am invading privacy. So I do need to calm down! Lol! I will take a couple of days to decide. :blush:

There really isn’t anything AT ALL to mention in the review unless you get a complaint from the other guests.

Personally, I think you should take the constructive part of the criticism and at least install a curtain with tie-back over the doorway.


You ARE over-reacting; and she wasn’t being a good guest.

You could certainly install a folding/accordian door across the doorway. Or a pocket door. Or hinge a door on the other side so it doesn’t interfere with the heater/ac.

Hanging a sheet??? I’m sorry. Are you twelve years old? That’s completely unacceptable in a grown up adult world. At the VERY least you should have a heavy drapery across the door way!

Frankly I’m surprised that you’ve had ANY bookings with that attitude towards guests.


If she’s staying by herself and it’s not a mutually shared living room, why would she care so much? And especially to complain to other people in the middle of the night. This layout is no different than a hotel room. She sounds disturbing.


I think you’re overreacting. She’s a bit of a nutjob certainly to be so very concerned and I don’t really want to imagine just why it bothered her. so much. But as hosts we can’t control who our guests talk to - or what they have to say to others.

If there are two rentals sharing the same driveway then there’s often going to be interaction between the two groups of guests. We have two rentals just a few yards from each other and guests often chat. In some cases, I’ve known them go to dinner together and share ubers to the beach and so on.

I’d make sure that one of the photographs shows the doorway without a door though. Although I don’t see why it doesn’t have a curtain or some other divider.

It wasn’t, it was in the afternoon.

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Apparently 3am was when the OP viewed the video. The complaining actually happened at 5:30pm.

Just out if curiosity: are you offering it as a 1 BR or a studio?

It seems to make quite a difference for hosts and guests …

Studios listed as 1-Bedrooms


We do have a photo that shows the door way with the hinges showing that there is no door and we also have it in the description.

I have a rule (but I’ve never needed it) that I always have my phone with me during the house tour or when talking to guests. Amongst other things that might be useful, I have a shortcut to the listing. That way if any issues come up, I can show them the listing straight away.

Luckily I’ve never needed to. Crossing fingers…

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Ok. I think some of y’all are missing my point. It honestly doesn’t matter about the door. I offered a full refund for something that was her fault. She obviously did not look at pics or read the description.we have had over 100 guests at this location and not one complaint about the (missing) door. She booked it late the night before her arrival the next day. My question was- she Complained to our other guests (loudly and IMO rudely) about it after she said it was resolved and I wanted to know if y’all thought I should mention that in a review? Would you as hosts care To know about a guests bad manners because they made a mistake that you tried to fix for them? That all sounds a bit harsh and I don’t mean it to. I am in a hurry and trying to clear some things up. :slight_smile:


Wow. That was just mean and unnecessary!!! I don’t think you read my whole thing. I offered her a FULL refund because SHE made a mistake and didn’t look at the pictures or read the description that STATES clearly that there is NO DOOR!!!


There are hinges but no door? What? Put a door! Some kind of door. Or curtain or something.

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