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Am I being petty?

Is it too petty to write in a review that guests turned up a lot later than expected, or things like they didnt put their dishes away like it states in rules?
I have 6 reviews waiting to be written and all done minor things to piss me off. However all in all they were nice people (I think! Their reviews will tell)!
I usually write reviews right away, especially after a guest writes one, but I’m also on edge as the noise around my location at end of June /July wasnt great due to the ‘12th July’ controversial Marches!

I would start with the good things and then list things that 1) clearly violate your stated rules and 2) future hosts would want to know. Don’t put things that are just annoyances to you personally, but if they showed up late without communicating, if they violated your rules, or if they were really a problem it needs to be said. You’re protecting their future hosts! This is why I’m even willing to do AirBNB, I can check up on people before I accept!

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You should have a Check-in between X and Y time, not just check-in after…
Putting dishes away is House Rules? Now That’s petty! No polite on the guests part though.

If minor things are constantly pissing you off, you, look around you and ask yourself why.

I think if you word it to where future guests won’t be afraid to book then you will fine. Because then they will know you are serious about rules, and will encourage others to actually READ.

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I am not their maid, so I appreciate people who clean up after themselves. Thats why I made it a rule. It’s not difficult. I wouldnt dream of leaving a host to clean up after me. This is a shared space btw :wink:
Still it’s one of my small rules, so if their especially nice people usually I wont mention, unless theyve done a string of things that’s annoying.

ps: KenH, I do have a check in time between x and y. But I ask all guests to confirm a time in advance, as we arent always at home, and we have no key box

I think if the dishes were clean and drying in a strainer - annoying, but not worth mentioning
if the dishes were piled by the sink dirty - not ok and you should mention

People have different ideas of what cleaning up after themselves is. It always cracks me up when people make the beds, because of course I’m going to strip them. And things don’t always get put away in the right places. But not even attempting is something to mention.


We have a dishwasher. We tell guests to put their dirty dishes in it after breakfast and we will put on later when filled. However some were just left in sink, or on breakfast table. It’s very lazy :wink:


ps: I even mention, save your precious hands and just pop in dishwasher, but still they dont listen lol

To be honest the dishwashing is minor, it’s more the turning up late and not communicating the delays, winds me up.
I was thinking of writing. Turned up at the normal check in time, rather than the early check in requested’.

I think the reviews should be saved for the really bad stuff. Just like when we don’t like it when they nit pick us.

I write minor things in the private feedback. I say something like:

Thanks for staying with me. The apartment could have been left neater. There were dirty dishes in the sink and you didn’t take the trash with you per the rules. You left wet towels on the furnishings…

Then next time they will know, rather than having it become a permanent mark on their record.


yes good idea K.
But i’d hate not mentioning things public if they have a dig at my place lol

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True! Always a challenge to know whether to crack them without knowing what they said.

I just don’t review unless they are really bad… If they have broken a few different rules then I certainly,would mention it. One or two minor ones, I might put in the private feedback.

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That is rude of them to just leave the dirty dishes. Especially just leaving them on the breakfast table - are these young people?

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Thanks cabinhost. you made us think!
It’s a mix of ages…maturer and young

I have only a few rules - I do not want to overwhelm my guests. My place is a private space - and I just ask that they load the dishwasher and cut it on when they leave, cute the heat/Ac back, put the dirty towels in laundry basket or tub, close the blinds, and take the garbage out to the street. I print this out with the reservation info and leave it on the table.

Mine are similar but I have been slammed by kooky guests for even daring to ask these simple things.

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Awk we all have our own wee idiosyncrasies :slight_smile:My BIG dont mess with me rules, are no smoking in apt or balcony, no meat /fish/cooking and no bring people back not part of the booking.

What sort of things did they do or fail to do?

I would let the dishes go, sounds a tad petty. You could change your expectation, expect every guest to leave them dirty on the table, then when they leave them in the sink or draining board, then its a welcome bonus. You could say slight issue with booking in time, nothing worth discussing in public, delays can happen.

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