Alternatives to air mattress?

This is ridiculous, and I wish I knew which weasel poked a hole in the new air mattress and covered the hole with masking tape.

I just got a call from new guest who checked in today and she wanted to let me know that it would not blow up. Then she said it looks like masking tape is covering up a hole and is coming apart but not sure.

This was a brand new air mattress and the last guests I believe who would have used it also were careless with other things. It’s difficult to tell which groups will use the bed when it is only four people. Regardless, why are people poking holes in these beds? Are kids jumping on them? Are the parents not even bothering to tell their kid it is not a trampoline?

If my partner cannot fix this one, he is going to go to Walmart tomorrow to buy THE LAST air bed. I am sick of this.

Any recommendations for a cot or other alternative?? I don’t know anything about other alternatives so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Today’s guests left late (2 small little ones with them) and I am in just such a bad mood. One of the movie theater chairs no longer reclines. My partner said it looked like some liquid was spilled and they tried to clean it up…not sure how the cable broke, and don’t even know for 100% sure it was them. I am so sick and tired of Gen X parents who feel so entitled. I will mention their tardiness in a review.

Why do they seem so incompetent to budget their time to leave on time? Pack up your kids stuff the night before and quit rushing around to try to get out by 11 a.m. It’s so ridiculous! I hope they are not paving the way for the millenials. And yes, I am Gen X but geez…my check out time is 11 a.m.

My rant for the day!!


Why do you have an air mattress? Maybe you need a trundle bed or a sofa bed? A traditional futon mattress can be rolled up and stored, but it takes more space than an air mattress. Or don’t provide one at all and people can bring their own.


Hi @cabinhost,

Is it necessary to use an air mattress? I don’t have any direct experience with them, but something that can so easily be made unusable isn’t ideal for rental purposes. You will always have careless/inconsiderate guests. Do you have space storage issues, or are regular mattresses too heavy to move easily? Or is it something else?

My room is somewhat unusual, I think, in that it was deliberately designed from the get-go for short-term rental. And all the time, part of my mind was thinking: “What can I do to make the probability low that a incompetent moron will wreck this?” There are definitely no delicate antiques or luxury bedding materials in my listing.


Yea a sofa bed would be my choice or a single bed if you got the room.

I would never offer an air mattress.

Hmm…now that’s an idea - just a regular futon mattress? What if someone spills something on the fabric?

You bring up a good point. The reason I have an air mattress is because the living room couch is really a sofa bed that came from an RV. The mattress for the couch was an air bed (nice one by the way) - then when that one busted I just replaced it.

What I did change- was trying to suggest guests to use the basement theater room as the extra bedroom for at least older kids. So instead of taking up room with a sofa bed being pulled out in the living room, then guests were welcome to sleep on the HUGE leather couch downstairs, or just take the air bed down there. I don’t like people using the sofa bed because I know people don’t put it away during the day. Yet they are still welcome to use it. It worked for me in the beginning and now I just don’t want people using it.

Maybe you are right and people can just bring their own. I think it was just a habit I was used to. It’s a two bedroom place and I don’t want to limit to 4 guests as I get very lovely families who take care of the place when it is 6 guests. The common denominator is that usually a grandparent is present or many of the kids are older (teenagers), etc.

You can buy a removable cover that can be washed. But it’s the same as any bed or upholstered furniture…what if they spill something on those items?


Yes, I don’t want anything to be permanent as far as taking up extra space. I want something that can be pulled out and then put away.

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Contact Nest Bedding?? It’s not too late!

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Damn Guests!!! …


How about some sleeping bags!??


And a tent. Haha :smile:

You know…the first guests who poked a hole actually explained and apologized. They offered to pay but my partner was able to repair it.

The sofa bed has a hidden drawer beneath to store the linens and air mattress, etc. Well the kid pulled out the entire frame…then he went to open the drawers underneath. As he pulled out the air bed, it scraped across the metal frame and a hole was poked. Then I decided to place the air mattress in a trunk in the living room so that wouldn’t happen again. Those guests were honest, decent people.

WTF is with these people poking holes in air beds? Are kids just jumping on them?

I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic with sleeping bags…but it doesn’t sound like a bad idea :slight_smile:

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No I mean… my kids used to love setting up a little fort… you can buy those pieces cheap! They pop up!
It looked something like this…


You could get a mattress topper and sleeping bags. It’s what we do when we camp instead of bringing air mattresses that slowly leak or lose air pressure as the air cools. Honestly more comfortable.

No… just get a couple of sleeping bags… and one of these pop up tents for indoor use. The kids love them!

Cabin, the hole poking is going to keep happening. It happened to DC remember with regular guests, and she was away. These things are not meant for heavy use…

Ha…no I don’t recall it happening to DC, and I probably even commented on those same threads…lol.

My air mattresses really don’t get much use. I think I know who it was when looking back at the calendar. Of course it is a wild guess though.

I am going to have to check into this indoor pop tent thing for sure…as long as kids are old enough to stay in the basement alone. What age do think?

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My kids played with that silly thing up until recently! I kid you not! We cleaned out or downstairs closet and that was one of the things that had to STAY… LOL.

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I USED TO GET SOOOOOOO frustrated with guests doing the same thing over and over. Leaving a porch light on that shone into my bedroom. Put it in house rules, showed them the light and asked for cooperation. To no avail/ Finally I got the brilliant idea of unscrewing the damn bulb. They didn’t need a porch light there. And do you think one guest even noticed there wasn’t a light there? LOL.

Sometimes if it’s not working, change tack.


My guess is that people are sitting on the air mattress with keys in their pockets.

I did the same thing and unscrewed certain outdoor bulbs…lol.

Is it easy to deflate and refill? The thing is that the blow up tent would need to be in front of theater room screen. And can guests just poke a hole in that?

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