Allowing Smoking

Do any of you host have a listing in which you allow smoking, and if so do you charge a premium and do people specifically book your listing to be allowed to smoke, let me know. I have my listing in Nevada where marijuana is legal and was thinking about turning my listing into smoking allowed . Let me know if any of you have turned your listing in smoking and if it turned out good for you

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I think the problem is once you have a smoking property, most non-smokers will refuse to book with you.


I am a former smoker and wouldn’t book in a place that allowed it. I’ve not smoked for over three years but the smell could easily set me back. I still love the smell and I still dream about smoking!

I suspect that for marijuana smokers there’s a niche market but I’d see non-smokers to be a broader client base so I wouldn’t want to limit potential guests.

I’ve hosted loads of smokers though and they are quite happy being able to smoke outside. So having a no smoking listing doesn’t deter smokers - but a smoking-allowed listing could deter non-smokers.


There’s probably not much of a niche market for a listing called Pot Palace. You would lose tons of business from the rest of the population. No one I can think of would rent a place that reeked of marijuana – and after one set of guests the place would reek, believe me.

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Do you have STR insurance? If so, does it say anything about smoking? If not, time to investigate it.


I never thought of that angle.

I hosted some groups that had smokers and they had no problem smoking outside, but I hardly had any guests in the Arizona summer. I can imagine guests not being happy about smoking outside when it’s above 110F, which might be the case for @Gandyv8 depending where in Nevada the listing is at.

I think it’s interesting concept to have a smoking listing to attract smokers that find it difficult to find listings that allow them to smoke inside. I hope @Gandyv8 follows up if that’s the route eventually chosen.

Oh, one more thing I would expect is that if you have a listing targeted at smokers and a non-smoker accidentally books and stays, your chances of getting a bad review are going to be really high.


Yes I think that the temperature and general weather must make a lot of difference for outside smoking. Here in Florida the temperature is lovely most of the time and even our place still has plenty of sheltered areas so smoking guests can get out of the sun or the rain. We don’t have to worry about the snow. :snowflake: :snowflake:

@Gandyv8 I’m a smoker myself, both cigs and the occasional 420, but like jaquo, I live where the weather is warm all the time, so smoking happens outside. I host a private room/bath in my home.

When I first listed on Airbnb and came to the smoking allowed or not question, I just left it unchecked. My thinking was that if I said smoking allowed, then non-smokers would assume that the guest space smelled like a cheapo Motel 6 smoking allowed room, and never book. But if I said non-smoking, guests who smoke wouldn’t book.

So I’ve had smoking and non-smoking guests (more of the latter), the room or any of the rest of the house doesn’t smell of smoke (confirmed by non-smokers) and if a guest does smoke, they do so outside.

I always ask my guests if my smoking bothers them, if so, I go out on the road to have a smoke, and only one guest has said yes. Even the non-smokers have said it doesn’t bother them at all (but most non-smokers wouldn’t be of that mind, I just get non-fussy guests), and some have even asked to bum a smoke.

But if you live where it gets cold, smokers will often tend to smoke inside, or their clothing and hair retains the smell so much that in a place where the windows are closed, the smell will permeate everything and you’ll get complaints or on-the-spòt cancellations from non-smokers.

If you are going to allow smoking, it’s important to provide a comfortable outdoor space, far enough from the house so you don’t get blow-back, so smokers will use that area. A chair, a little table, an ashtray, a bucket of sand, and cover from the elements. A smoker is much more likely to sneak a smoke indoors if the only alternative is huddling in a doorway in the rain.


So true! My daugther and her boyfriend booked a place in Colorado and they couldn’t stand the smell. They ended cutting their stay short.

I tried allowing smoking outside, but people left butts in the yard. Or the suite smelled smoky, maybe because it was on their clothes and person, or it was raining so they cracked a door or window and pretended that was “outside.” I once found the toilet full of ashes and figured they were smoking directly under the bathroom vent fan. They also have given themselves away by using vast quantities of my orange oil odor eliminator spray. I decided that, however harsh, because some smokers couldn’t be trusted, I couldn’t allow any. Now my rules are no smoking anywhere on the property, and I’ve got signage inside and out.


There are a couple of listings close to me (but across a state line) that advertise as “420 Friendly” (in the title) and they both seem to do really well. They most definitely charge a premium and are always booked. Both have a designated area inside the home - one is a sunken living room (e.g. lounge ,) and the other is a closed in sun porch kind of thing (they call this a “Florida room”, lol, up here @jaquo).

@Gandyv8 It seems like your question was specific to marijuana, but I can’t tell if you’re talking about having smoking allowed inside or only outside. If you are only talking about marijuana and not cigarettes you’ll need to make that clear. You’ll also need to make it clear where it’s allowed unless you’re offering free range.

If you are getting marijuana tourism like some other legal states, it seems smart to at least consider catering to it - if you are open to it, which you must be since you’re thinking about it.

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I stopped smoking over ten years ago, and now absolutely loathe the smell of cigarettes. If I found somewhere I’d booked smelled of fag, or dope smoke, I would cancel.

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We do not allow smoking. We are in a very fire prone area. Possibly this is also true in Nevada where op is(?) We do allow vaping >outside only. I think vaping happens inside sometimes.

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Even seeing smoking on tv makes me want one…

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Terrible addiction (I still smoke). I heard an interview with some guy on the radio who said he stopped smoking 25 years ago and not a day goes by that he doesn’t want a smoke at some point.

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I allow smoking on the patio. I see no pb with that, it’s outside… MJ is not legal yet, so I don’t accept that, but cigarettes are OK.

The only time I do is when someone offers me a really fine Cuban cigar. :wink:

I quit 25 years ago. It was right after patches were available by prescription. The patches helped me quit in 2 months. What kept me from starting again was cycling. I have old ankle injuries that keep me from running, so cycling has always been my exercise of choice.

Every time I had an urge for a cig, I went for a 5-10 mile bike ride, making sure I got into the aerobic zone (I was also trying to lose weight while quitting smoking, which is not easy).

After a couple of weeks, the endorphins would kick in about 10-15 minutes into the ride, and the high, which took away any urge for a smoke, would last for 5-6 hours. It was addictive enough I got down to what I weighed when I was in the best shape in my life, although I never got the upper body I had back when I worked in construction.

This time around I had to give up sugar and most other carbs, but it’s not as easy to lose weight without the bike. Unfortunately I haven’t been able ride for a while due to back issues, but home I can start again soon. I still have 10 Kg to lose to get into my only bespoke suit, purchased in London 39 years ago. The suit bag is there to remind me, although I hardly wear a suit these days.


Either I’m odd or I got lucky. But I do vape, and have done since being “challenged” by Mr Joan to do so. I reckon my nicotine level/addiction is higher than when a proper smoker! I don’t use fruity/smelly stuff, just tobacco flavoured/nicotine laced fluid that doesn’t smell in the slightest.

Not only do I now hate cigarette smoke, I hate large fruity vaping/vapours!

These didn’t work for me, although I have used them on long haul flights where I can’t vape. I stick one on each buttock, and usually ( or used to…) land as high as a kite.

I have a stash for our flight to Portugal on Saturday :grin:

We both need to lose weight but it’s simply not safe to cycle around where we live, despite being out in the sticks. Bloody farmers.

The plan is to use e-bikes as main local transportation when we eventually land in Portugal to live.

I have longstanding back issues, but have just acquired a stress fracture in my ankle. I ordered a surgical boot on line, refuse to go to A&E currently, and I will be on that flight!

My work suits were all recycled as my “older but wider” self took hold, plus eventual retirement. Mr Joan has a stack of suits that may or not fit these days. The London City/general business world uniform for blokes has changed massively; no suits. ties etc, just spruce jeans, linen jackets, no ties, and a good white shirt/shoes. Add a very decent winter coat, i.e. cashmere, and you’re done. Mandatory to carry a tie, in a pocket, for client facing meetings, and that’s it.

Quite a change in culture from 39 years ago! Many of the medical consultants I worked with then, not only wore pin stripped suits, but adorned themselves with a bow tie to boot.

And then there was my uncle, Professor Keith Mant, who lectured in pathology at Guys Hospital in London. He was infamous for his lectures in White Tie and Tails, with a buttonhole as garnish.

He’s well worth a google. He was a junior pathologist at the Neuremburg Trials, where his career took a direction he wasn’t expecting.

Ok I don’t smoke tobacco but love certain tobacco smells. My grandad smoked filterless camels. They have a distinctive aroma, different even from camels with filters. I can identify them immediately. The smell takes me back to my visits with him.

Winston Salem at one time was home to RJReynolds tobacco. Everyone With a few acres raised tobacco. Everyone worked in tobacco at harvest time including the farm owners children.

Those days have gone. (Before anyone goes on a rant, remember toy science kits included REAL uranium and we played with the mercury from broken thermometers-we just didn’t know)

The USA raised tobacco is used for premium products. Most tobacco is now raised in China.

Back to topic: I supply ash trays And guests may smoke on porch but not inside.

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I have a friend who’s never smoked a cigarette in her life, was never even tempted (she hates coffee and beer, too, she says she never grew up) but likes the smell of cigarettes, because both her parents smoked and it brings back happy childhood memories. She’s the only non-smoker I know who doesn’t care if you light up in her house.

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