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All my bookings cancelled by Airbnb due to them 'moving' me from Tennessee to NYC!

Terrifying situation yesterday. I am located in the mountains of Tennessee. I was booked for ALL weekends (only do weekends after May) through July, with several in August, October and November. After being asked to ‘update’ my information (never was asked before in 5 years) and told to go to a link they provided for my longitude and latitude and enter it. Did so. Then, a few hours later ALL my bookings were suddenly cancelled AND I got an email from NYC stating my listing was being removed because i ‘didn’t comply with their regulations’. WTH??? I was frantic. Then the messages started from guests! I finally got a message from the ‘representative’ that had asked for my update, and I told her in a panic what was happening. She tried to blame it on me, saying I entered the ‘wrong data’ for longitude/latitude. I cam unglued and told her I just cut and pasted it from the link she sent me…Then said ‘she’d fix it’. I called Airbnb, and after a ten minute hold they said they would correct it…BUT I had to be the one to contact EVERY GUEST and ask them to rebook! Because they had already been refunded…13 reservations! AND all the dates were now open so the guest could lose those dates! I was sick about this. They got my listing back up. Took me a couple of hours to contact everyone and calm them down, although 6 have not responded with a re book. So that’s about $1500 in lost bookings so far.

This is totally unacceptable. I’ve been a superhost for all quarters of all 5 years. I’ve had nothing but good things with Airbnb UNTIL these past few months, with several issues, mistakes on their part, allowing un vetted people to try and book, etc etc.

Just got a note from one of the guests, she is booking elsewhere. Goosy about trying me again! Any other suggestions on how I get Airbnb to make this right??? Thanks

Then, when I posted this on the Superhost Facebook page, found out TWO other hosts had this happen…and amazingly BOTH were relocated to…wait for it…NYC! what are the chances of THAT being an ‘accident’?? That ALL the ‘wrong’ longitude crap was NYC for all three of us? I’m heading to twitter soon if these 6 guests are gone for good. NO host deserves this. Disgusting. And I’m tagging Catherine Powell, not that it will help, but this company is going to the dogs…I’m just torn

Omg unbelievable. Can you contact them via their social media. This is their error and they should fix this.

Wow. This is like a joke out of The Onion.

Plus, who does that – asks, say instead of entering your city, just simply enter your longitude and latitude?!

I’m so sorry you’ve went through this.

Not quite the same or as scary but yesterday I could no longer find my listing when I did a private browser search using filters that I know will bring up my listing.

When I called customer service I got a very helpful rep and initially when he did my searches in my home town (I usually use Boston) he said I was the 492 listing. Heck I think there are 6 airbnbs in my town.

He did some more searching and events things looked good again. I’m worried because I’m usually booked through August but now (which is why I was testing the searching) and I’m booked through June, have 1 booking for July and nothing for August.

A few days ago I received an email supposedly from airbnb but in Chinese. I called support immediately. She said don’t worry about it. Last night I realized my account had been hacked and taken over. The new email for my account now matched the account mentioned in my Chinese message. This is ridiculous!!! It’s straightened out now but this is unacceptable!!

Did you?


I think the problem is that @shadowmnt just entered what Airbnb said to enter, and it was wrong. We are talking about Airbnb customer service reps who are notoriously misinformed. Another host said people were showing up at her listing because a host in a nearby town had entered the wrong coordinates. What do you want to bet that host just put what Airbnb told them as well.

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NO…How would I know if the ‘coordinates’ were wrong? I copied what the GPS site said they were based on my address…NYC?? from Tennessee? I’m no geographer but that’s a stretch…and a gal from Texas was also ‘accidently’ put in NYC… and someone else posted THEY had the same thing happen…got put in NYC…it’s crazy and they owe it to the hosts (and guests) an explanation and an honest effort to help straighten out the mess they created for everyone…it’s outrageous…great business model…

Perhaps the link that Airbnb provided is one that gives faulty results, which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Like the internet speed site they make hosts use if they want to include the internet speed in their listing- hosts have said it gives different results than trusted internet speed apps.

I had the opposite happen. I put in my town to search and was the second one on the page, the highest I’ve been in a long time. Luck has to work in one’s favor occasionally!

Post it NOW to their Twitter feed. You’ll get action!

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