All inclusive price v guest service fee

Anyone started listing using the all inclusive price yet, as in 14% service charge to host and none to guests?


I don’t see where that is an option for me but I would welcome it if rolled out to every listing. As a guest I do not like seeing those fee’s.


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I haven’t.

Do you know how the prices display in search results? I’m concerned that Airbnb will display the price per night without all fees considered, so I’d just look overpriced compared to competition.

Until they’re displaying price/night inclusive of service and cleaning fees it seems like a risky move.

Plus now I can direct guests’ fee annoyance at Airbnb; this will substitute price annoyance at ME!

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Anywhere I’ve ever seen AirBNB advertised, it will show a house and a “starts at” price. I almost feel like it’s a made up price, as I’ve seen our own house advertised and the price is below our minimum cheapest nightly price.

I was unable to find a listing that looked different. The main page of search results shows a nightly rate and a total price for each listing. The nightly rate excludes the cleaning fee and service fee. The total price has a little question mark which when clicked shows the total price breakdown (rate, cleaning fee, service fee). I found listings with no cleaning fee, but not without a service fee. Either nobody is using the “no guest fees” model, or Airbnb is intentionally making it look the same to guests (which kind of defeats the purpose of having it).

You are likely putting in dates. I’m thinking that @Allison_H is talking about just a general unfiltered search.

Yes, I was putting in dates. Am I wrong in thinking that’s the way that the vast majority of guests search for listings?

Tha’ts how I search as a guest.


Yes I think so but I don’t think that was how @Allison_H was searching.