Akward closing/ending final days of guest contract

I’ve had a guest and it’s ending, as just akward and it’s not working. We are just not comfortable around each other, and have decided by mutual agreement to end it. A longer term stay booking (about 100 days). We are basically keeping out of each others way the last 10-days to go, and can’t wait to mutually see the back of each other and get on with our lives. It’s not cultural just personal, 2 people(host and guest) who just don’t like each other and we both acknowledge that. We came to some compromise with the end date, but the guest will be out of pocket about $700 dollars as they are leaving on day-70, which they not totally happy about but accept. It’s just akward and all. They said in writing they wouldn’t steal anything and just want to leave. But it’s akward , the games “staying out of each others way games” and hoping the other goes out. Eg when he’s in kitchen I let him be, even if that means going a bit hungry myself. There was some tension with his girlfriend, maybe he was jealous or sensed I liked her(which I don’t or maybe he thought me and her had some chemistry). Either way as he booked the account, he doesn’t want to stay in a home where he suspects the Host is “physically attracted to his girlfriend” or suspects his girlfriend finds the host attractive. Hes(the guest) is not comfortable in that type of setting/environment where such a possibility of events might happen. I think as they have stayed for about 70-days, I suspect there is a lot of jealousy in there relationship on both sides, there young and in early 20’s, they have been dating for a while about 3-years I think, but they can’t afford to get there own apartment when travelling and are forced to live with others, despite the fact I think neither actually wants to. They are not swingers and he clearly doesn’t want 3rd parties other men around his girlfriend in any capacity not even professional, but they have the akward situation of not having there own money to have there own apartment, and be as self-contained and possessive as possible and live happily ever after in there own little world. I also as a host don’t want guests who get jealous around me or possessive of there girlfriend. I don’t have to tip-toe around a guests relationship or problems, I just want the guests money and keep it simple. But humans are not simple and we don’t live in an ideal world you say. What I have noticed in some guests who stay is stuff in there relationships. Some guests are quite close, but others have a lot of jealousy in there relationship. But yes it’s just akward now, and we both want this to end. Kinda like 2 young adult brothers(sibling rivalry) who don’t like each other, and can’t wait to the holidays ends and they can both go back to college and don’t have to share there parent’ home in the holidays. Like that, it’s just not working, you can’t like or connect with everybody and we just want nothing to do with each other. But the final 10-days does have awards moments like if you have to go to toilet when they cooking, that akward Hi or say something comes up and you have to be firm will they resist your authority coz they don’t like you and know they are leaving. It’s like an awkward marriage right now and the divorce papers have been signed and you now sleep in separate bedrooms and you have an agreed date to move out e.g. 2-weeks, but the waiting time is akward, you no longer have to pretend you like each other, it’s just that akward wait time hump, it can be impatient but you just have to look forward. Discuss!

Act like the professional you are meant to be and let them leave early without penalty. It’s just not working out.

Why are you making them stay on when it’s so uncomfortable for you all.

I have never had to tip toe around my guests and the majority who stay with me are couples, sounds like you need to spend time getting to know guests for long term stays before accepting a booking.

Learn to write in paragraphs


Possibly the most difficult thread I have read. I can’t even tell what the real issues are because your post is like a chapter from James Joyce’s Ulysses.

James Joyce is meant to be a literary genius but I’m afraid I had to close the book one I hit the stream of consciousness chapter.


Shame on you @Zandra comparing Joyce to the above :slight_smile:

At least he knew how to use a paragraph.


Lol @helsi I beg to disagree. There’s one notable stream of consciousness chapter where there’s little in the way of paragraphs or punctuation. Hard hard work even when written by a genius.

Oh wow, 100 days is a long stretch for room sharing. You’re basically taking on roommates! It’s mature of you to realize it’s not working out for all parties, instead of coming here and nitpicking everything they did wrong while posing as a saint. It’s impossible to maintain the usual host/guest dichotomy because of the stay’s length.

And bad roommates are the absolute worst. No place for solace or respite when y’all live together.

Sorry for your situation!

Mature - I nearly spat out my coffee :frowning:


I agree he’s hard work on Ulysses - never got past the first chapter try Dubliners…much better

…because apparently, coming on a forum intended for AirBnB advice, ignoring the poster, and then nitpicking his language is true maturity. Got it.


How did I ignore the poster @PHX?

I provided him with advice on what to do - let the guest leave now - rather than forcing him to stay on when they were both uncomfortable.

Sounds to me like you were hitting on, or entertaining the thought of “a thing” with his girlfriend :neutral_face:

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LOL :joy: :joy: :joy:

The way OTT unqualified psychoanalysis of the guests ending with ‘I just want their money’ had me in stitches.


It’s military Steve! @steve5500 sorry I missed it was you in your original post. So you’re still on Airbnb I thought you might have finally come off the platform? Though it looks like a long term flatmate wouldn’t work for you either :frowning:

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Being a host requires that you rise above the nonsense and act professionally. If you put on a professional attitude and not act like one of a pair of teenagers fighting over the same girl, the next 10 days should be more comfortable for all involved.


@steve5500 in another post (Nosey Guest) you said “it’s time to crack the whip and have an army style culture in my house, that’s the lifestyle I lead and I only want similair guests who share my lifestyle” amongst other things like “I’m only in this for the money” that resulted in EVERYONE recommending that the Airbnb thing isn’t for you.

I agree with @Helsi - you’ve made some money from this guy but the way you live is uncomfortable for the guest and you should give him his money back.

Your post repeatedly talks about the possible crush between you and his girlfriend, so I also agree with @AquaticQuests that there was likely something for your guest to be concerned about.

That is unprofessional and YOU should end it as well as you can. Apologize for the girlfriend thing, thank him for his business and give him a refund for unused nights. I really think you should get out of hosting unless you clearly warn people what it is like to live with you.


Oh yeah!!! I forgot what a militant host Steve claimed he was! I will join Helsi in spitting coffee on my keyboard… Steve, mature? AS IF!

As far as the GF… Where there’s smoke there is fire… Admit it!!! You totally fancied the Girlfriend! Which is, in a word, super sleazy! And predatory!

You will be lucky if this poor guest doesn’t turn you into Air for creeping on his GF.



Are you the same poster who has had many issues with men being jealous of you? I think they were of a certain culture, but you say this situation isn’t a cultural issue and just a personal one…

Maybe you should only host with a bag over your head. I think your sexy irresistibility is just causing way too many issues with your hosting :joy:


@PHX I don’t think this was meant as an attack on your post. Although it did sound quiet disrespectful to you. But apparently the topic starter and this forum already have a “history” :wink:.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see pictures of everyone here :blush:

@steve5500 I’m sorry man, but your post to me also screamed that you in fact have a crush on his girlfriend. So far for being professional.

Are you getting all hot and bothererd now? :wink:

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