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Airbnb without a full kitchen?

Does an Airbnb with two bedrooms (one king & one queen) and a living room and a full bathroom have to have a full kitchen? If we just have an island, with fridge with microwave with coffee maker; would that be enough? I can see how that might not appeal for someone who would stay with us for a while, but should be good for a two day minimum? Appreciate your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Here’s my listing. I mostly book 1-3 night stays but occasionally longer.

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Wow! That’s so helpful! Very similar to what our setup would be. Thank you so much for responding! :slight_smile:

I think it depends on what you have available locally in the way of cafes and restaurants and the length of stay @gkelway

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Our downstairs rental unit (two bedrooms, TV lounge, full-bathroom and covered outdoor balcony) does not have a full kitchen, either.

But we have a countertop for guests that features a mini-refrigerator/freezer, bar sink, microwave oven, wine refrigerator and 12-cup coffee maker. We provide free packaged pastries, and coffee and tea supplies. See below photo.

Most guests enjoy eating at the several fine-dining restaurants in our nearby town, four miles away.

Only twice, have we had guests cancel their reservation after I insisted they may not use our upstairs private kitchen where my wife and I live full-time. Each time, those guests wanted their accompanying elderly parents to cook meals for the family, as the young couples visited the local tourist sites by themselves. P.S.: Those two sets of guests were of the same ethnic/nationality group.


Why does this matter to you?


In photos, my bungalow rental appears to feature a full kitchen but in fact has no stove. So the first paragraph describing the unit states: “Also featured are a refrigerator, microwave, toaster and coffeemaker,” then the second paragraph specifies: “There is no stove/cooking.” Before I included that latter blunt language, I got a couple lower ratings for accuracy on the part of guests who incorrectly assumed there was a stove. Also, I’ve avoided using “kitchenette,” because in some cases the term can mean a small kitchen featuring a stove.

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No use of oven or stove due to house insurance. But there are microwaves, mini fridges, and a mini oven, etc

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Is there a sink or fridge?

Correct. A kitchenette is a fully functional kitchen, just smaller. Like what you’d see in a boat or RV. What you describe is a mini bar. If there’s a sink, its a wet bar.

And whatever you do, never ever say “eat in kitchen”. You can “eat in” at McDonalds. I have a “dine-in” kitchen because I’m fancy.:wink:


Amen Rolf
Implying discrimination.

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@gkelway – add an inexpensive toaster oven and you would cover almost everything except full blown MEALS.

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Sorry for my prejudice comment.

But I will remain suspicious of all white, red-haired, kilt-wearing Scottish families who stay in my rental and want to cook in my private kitchen.

I do not have a stove top or oven for my guests either. I got a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, and electric kettle. Only one person has talk to me and said I was missing amenities because apparently he didn’t see it written in my listing that there is no stove or oven available. None of my other guests have ever said anything

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I’d book you. I eat out when I travel. I’d ask you about local restaurants.
I would only need the room to sleep. I’d need 2 glasses and access to a fridge/cooler to store a couple of bottles of beer.


Yeah, was thinking that in this situation length of stay would be 2 or 3 days … we are taking another look to see if we can add a sink. :slight_smile:

Your setup looks fantastic!!

What do you call that, a coffee & treat bar?? :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes sense. Best avoid the term kitchenette (which I guess means small kitchen).

Yeah, we were thinking that too. If we did manage to get a sink installed, instead of a stove we could have a big toaster oven. However, I’m Still not sure we could call it a kitchenette.

If we end up getting a sink installed but instead of the stove have a large toaster oven, do you think we could still call it a kitchenette? :slight_smile:

I don’t see the need to call your food space area a “kitchenette,” “coffee and treat bar,” or anything else special.

Just list the dining items you offer to your guests (microwave oven, coffee maker, mini-refridgerator, sink, bread toaster, etc.).

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