Airbnb Wants Me Gone

Hi Everyone,

I am being targeted by Airbnb to have my account suspended.

It all began with a guest saying she was unhappy with her room. She reported no Wi-Fi and an odor also saying she didn’t think my listing was just a basement and not a room. This info I received from Airbnb rep, Paige. I was already doing Wi-Fi repair and was speaking with the guest about it. I found her devices on the network and told her so. I received a very accusatory email from rep Paige and the case was escalated. I explained there are two bedrooms downstairs and a bathroom so it’s definitely not just a basement. Paige responded “it’s not her concern any more and she’s wondering about the odor, although that’s subjective…”

Fast forward a back and forth including me asking her to please look at our correspondence… I was flagged for not meeting guidelines and my guests stay was refunded $800. I called my building manager for repairs they reported no bugs, one spider, no smell, and I sent a screenshot of my cellphone in the room completely connected to WiFi. I even called Airbnb via WiFi. I also interviewed 2 guests who said no, one person saw an ant and the other said nothing and one of them is also staying in a room on the same level as the guest who had left. No dice. Airbnb is closing my ticket and not referring to the matter.

They told me they already decided and I have to clarify where my surveillance camera is now. I have a camera in the living room and the guest took a pic on her way out. This camera is detailed in my listing. Also before this I noticed all my listings were delisted with no email telling me why. I clicked around until i got them back up.

Now today I’m being told I may have my account suspended.

Mind you, I was advised by Airbnb to keep my camera and just disclose it in my listings. I think they just want to get rid of me. I really hate this platform and I told them so so I guess I’ve kicked my own bucket. Another fun fact is I work at a major NYC newspaper and I will do all that I can to relay this story because it really shows how much they don’t care about facts as they say in the new guidelines. If they want you out they will push you out.

I previously complained about a 1 star review this kid left saying I only have 1 bathroom, when I have 2 and it’s a fact not something you can give someone 1 star over. They didn’t care.

I’ve also contacted their twitter and was told “Too bad so sad”. LOL

Wow. Sorry you’re dealing with that. Seems a bit rash over just one guest. I hate the star system… someone gave me less than 5 stars for location. Why is that even an option?? My location is fixed and it’s clear where my house is when you book the place so why is rating someone based on location even an option??


Thank you for your supportive response. I’ve gotten low stars for location also. I understand allowing guests to leave reviews, but once they start sending emails “warning” about possibly having your account suspended it feels like bullying.

I’m really disappointed, but I’ll just become an advocate against them, that’s all. Currently signing up for other platforms. I found this helpful list:


In that case, then you’re well out of the situation. No-one needs that sort of hassle - hosting is hard enough. There are plenty more platforms to use.

Might I ask if you just have the two listings in your home?

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Yeah I have 4. I was rotating them, but now all 4 are up and one is booked until September. I wish I rented the whole place.

Good idea. Always do what’s best for you.

May I ask what the name of your guest was, the one that complained about the odor? How much were you charging per night at your place?

Airbnb is concentrating mostly on luxury and unique homes: like being on a private Island at this time, those that charge $$$$$ per night. One can not complain about luxury, unlike regular homes were people live. Cities have been putting restrictions on airbnb rentals which I believe is leading to many issues. Just an example: we have 32 contracts per year only, one night one contract, so Airbnb is not making much by promoting a host that charges $39.00 per night compared to a host that charges $200.00 per night. You can put cotton sheets, you can serve best coffee in the world, it does not matter if you have accommodation that falls in to mostly budget category.
I was in Travel Industry and do remember when Deregulation came. I knew that many Airlines would be gobbled up by few major airlines, but public loved the low fares than. Now you fly like a cattle squeezed in in coach class and are paying $$$$$, much more compared to the time when there was Regulation.
Anyway it was good while it lasted. Airbnb concept has changed and there will be time where guest are going to end up paying much more for a whole lot less.
I wish you good luck and no you are not a lonely host going true this.

Sarah Scheer from Boston. I believe she is relocating to NYC.

Thank you for this response. I have only gotten more depressed. I had issues before but now i only feel pure betrayal. They use the idea of people trying to stay in their homes as a marketing campaign here in NYC. It’s a lie. I charge between 35-50/night depending on the season and how many people are staying. If I raise it beyond 55 I lose bookings. My area is over saturated.

I told Airbnb I’d rather someone come check my place out themselves rather than this. The response was my screenshot of my Wi-Fi showed half the amount of bars, indicating poor service that i need to fix. At this point I’ve spoken with 5 reps now they’re talking in circles saying their department can only address xyx not abc. It’s really surreal.

I remember when I first started I would’ve gotten a nice phone call explaining everything.

I’ve already made plans to move on from this by September. I appreciate this community and what bnb used to be like.

Erica, many host need this income, and they know that. Reps at airbnb are counting on their salary, so they have to say what they are told. I somehow believe that some guest are paid guest.
You confirmed my suspicion that you rates are budget rates like mine. I was hurt like you, by a couple of guest this year and it was also due to odor issue.
If they want you out, they will have you out, there is little you can do. No host is insulated. My license with the city is until October, but i no longer count on getting guest inquiries. It hurts financially, it hurts emotionally since I had put my heart and soul in to it. I wish you well and wish that the knowledge you acquired will help you move forward.


I don’t believe that’s true. Airbnb would shoot itself in the foot if it lost most of us, who host in our own manner in our own homes. Diversifying is great, but I don’t think the rest of us will lose our way of doing business.


Where I am city has strict restrictions 32 contracts per year. You are required to have License, plus 11.5 tax, commercial home owners insurance which can run $1000.00 more annually than the regular homeowners insurance. Our city has more host than any city in the state. People are offering $29.00 per night rooms. Even if you rent your room for 30 days (we are resort town with a very short season). Electricity is over $.30 per kilowatt with A/C a must. A guest that lowers A/C to 62 and outside is 120, and if you say something you are slammed with bad review. Guest that park where ever they please and you say something guest will slam you with a bad review plus hefty fines by the city and possible revocation of license. Should I go on?

How much does Airbnb make on a $38.00 per night in fees compared to $200.00 per night? With smart pricing and some nasty guest review you may end op offering your place for free one day.

Airbnb concept was great, but it has changed and will continue to change.

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When you go to Airbnb’s home page do you see average homes or special places like “the famous seashell house” and other famous houses? I don’t think they’ll completely get rid of budget places, but they are heavily curating the listings.

I am not sure what the agenda is with me in particular, but it’s clear that they will cast you off in favor of random guest complaints.


LizinMN, I think you do have a point, i just read this more carefuly:

It may be the best thing after all.


I think you should keep pursuing this. Take it higher, because what’s happening to you makes no logical sense.


I requested to speak with someone from the appropriate team. I haven’t heard anything yet.

That’s just the way it is. Putting this very philosophically, the world keeps turning and changing and there ain’t much anyone can do about it. Adapt or die. This doesn’t apply to Airbnb only, but to just about everything and everyone.

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Eberhard agree, but any change requires $$$$ most of the time. Airbnb has to change and evolve, I know. Germany is affluent and has a good social net helping people not to drown. Here if you are twenty you can afford greater risk, but many of us are not twenty.

Yes I agree with this too. Adapt or die, but there are some very unrealistic expectations that no one can adapt to via this platform. It’s like when people complain about gentrification and are told to "just move ". That’s one way to survive, but not realistic for many people.


Hi Erica

I am writing to you having read " They want me gone"story. My name is Steen (Rasmussen) and I am writing from a place south of Copenhagen called Koege where friends of mine run Bed and Kitchen (Glaeiservej 38 Koege DK-4600), providing accommodation in a family home.

So I am not a host nor a user of Airbnb (tried it once, never again, booking way too complicated). You are far from alone in your experience of how arrogant Airbnb conduct their business and treat their clients.

Hans-Henrik had a Cerebral Infarction/Stroke two years ago so he is far from being well, The Bed and Kitchen business is not only an essential part of the family economy, it is also a successful business in its own right. Henrik does not cope well with stressful situations due to effects of the stroke and dealing with Airbnb seem to be little else.

Yesterday, I was present when he made a call to the Airbnb customer service center to voice his views and express his disgust of the treatment he is being subjected to by Airbnb. They have suspended (for a week) the calendar (diary) showing his bookings, making it impossible to see details of clients who have booked, despite he maintains a 4-star rating and was one of the first to signup with Airbnb in Denmark.

The phone call exposed in full view the total lack of understanding of even the most basic concept of customer care by Airbnb customer-facing agents. The girl (US accent) had difficulties in using the IT system, could not access details of ratings (!), was absent for most the time of the call, needed repeating of details already provided and the most productive she could manage was to say sorry. She was way out of her depth on how to handle the situation, no effort what so ever was made to attempt resolving or escalate the problem. A pathetic situation for which Airbnb, despite being of their creation, totally failed to take responsibility for.

Another disturbing issue was the girl when asked who in their management structure to contact to escalate the problem in order to get the situation resolved and their details, she said she (we) did/do not have access to any such details! A pahetic response, appalling customer service.

At this point, Hans-Henrik terminated the call in pure frustration.

I had no problems obtaining the name and details of the CIO, Mike Jennings from LinkedIn.

I see you are also on Linkedin, I am not, perhaps you could get me his contact details and email me ( as I would like to tell him a thing or two about his IT technology and how the “talented Airbnb employees” are using it when communicating with customers. Both leaving much to be desired, both, like their rating system, it sucks
His statement below is bordering on grandiose delusions which seem almost a trademark of Airbnb.

" I’m responsible for a majority of the internal technology used by our talented employees. My role is to build a great team, set the vision and establish the strategy, systems, and solutions that will help Airbnb continue to scale over the long term."

I was also present when Henrik had a problem with another company,, what a difference. Their customer service went the extra mile and got the matter resolved to his satisfaction.

It is beyond belief, the level of arrogance, not to mention the bully attitude they display in Airbnb when dealing with paying clients. I have been in customer service (IT) and both pre and post sales. Airbnb should remind themselves that they are only as good as their last booking and who pay their salaries. After all, they are nothing more than a piece of software providing connectivity between two parties for the exchange of services and not as they like to project themselves, Gods gift to mankind. Sadly enough what is on display is not unknown in organizations who can not handle or scale to rapid expansion. This lot just about the money and don`t care about much else. Perhaps your connection with NYP could help out here.

As Airbnb actions have cost Henrik financially as well as the impact on the reputation and integrity of his business, compensation from Airbnb is not out of the question under Danish and EU consumer laws.

Best regards Steen

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Hi Steen,

LinkedIn doesn’t allow people to direct message people who aren’t directly connected, but I will click around today to get some info. They respond pretty quickly to direct public tweets.

I have had a similar experience with customer service. One guy said he’d get back to me an he never did. He let the ticket expire. In that situation it took me over a month to be paid for a woman who stayed an extra day without my permission.

If they aren’t getting a huge sum of money they don’t do anything. And their customer service reps need better training. They should never say they don’t know. They need to find the answer.

I’m sorry about your friend, and I promised them I would do everything I can to expose what they’re doing. I’m afraid their terms we agree to when signing up waive many rights especially when it comes to refunds and payment.