AirBNB Thankful

We often write about AirBNB not working. Let me describe a recent set of events when AirBMB things worked as they should.

Saturday AM: I awoke to a message from GUEST #1 who wanted to “talk” about his upcoming trip.

  • In September he booked for 5 days during Thanksgiving week.

  • he wanted to talk because he was anxious about traveling on a plane, w/ Covid spiking.

  • My STRICT Cancellation policy, gets him 50% refund minus his fees. I suggested that if he were to cancel, to do so sooner than later.

  • I told him if I were to rebook those dates I’d refund his remaining 50%

  • He cancelled by late morning Saturday.

Saturday Noon:

  • GUEST #2 submits an inquiry for 3 days over Thanksgiving. I decline because I had not yet had a chance to adjust my minimum stay to 5 days for that period.

Saturday evening:

  • GUEST #2 inquires about booking for 5 days.

  • I revise my decline and send him a special offer for 5 days (at same daily rate).

  • I didn’t hear back

Later Saturday evening:

  • GUEST #3 instant books for those same 5 days over Thanksgiving.

Sunday Morning:

  • GUEST #2 messages me confused as to why he can’t seem to accept the offer. I explained what had happened. In nicer terms “You snooze you loose, especially during the Holiday Season”

Sunday Noon:

  • I spoke with AirBNB customer Support who now (with my authorization) will provide a full refund to GUEST #1. They couldn’t thank me enough for offering to provide a full refund to that guest.

  • FYI: AirBNB support has improved dramatically; less than a 5 minute hold time and very professional.

(Almost) Everybody happy

  • Guest #1 -> Very Happy

  • Guest #3 -> Happy, although he doesn’t know how he so quickly slipped in

  • Host is happy because I filled a premium vacancy in less than half a day; because Guest #3 has (11) 5-star reviews where Guest #2 had only (1) review; and because I was already concerned that Guest #2 would be prompted to give less than a stellar review for having to book 5 days and not just 3.

Happy Thanksgiving (early) :turkey:


Glad it worked out. You are braver than I as I would still be extremely hesitant to provide advance refunds for rebooked days.

This is a great reminder that refunds should be approved AFTER the payment for the replacement booking comes in.

That said, based on what I’m seeing and hearing, HH will have no problem booking Thanksgiving week in PHX.

You’re probably right, but my thinking was that if current guests cancels he’s now committed for the full amount since we’re past the 14 day window. And in the event that things get completely shut down because of Covid spikes -> “been there done that”

For me, AirBNB revenue has exceeded prior years, so I’m not all that concerned and putting out good Karma out there worked from me in March so I’ll continue that approach.

This morning I had an off book guest (former AirBNB guest) cancel for a weekend in early December. He’s an MD from Northern AZ and he advises that hospitals are at capacity. He has decided it’s not prudent to be traveling, understandably so.

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I have a friend of a friend coming here Thanksgiving weekend for 4 nights and paying me cash because none of her friends that live here are willing to have a traveler in their home. She coming for the wedding of a former co-worker from when she taught school here years ago. I can’t believe anyone is still trying to have a wedding, especially this time of year in my city with it’s worst in the nation situation. I also can’t believe a 60-something year old woman is willing to take those kinds of risks for someone who sounds like a somewhat distant relationship. People astound me.


I agree. Max #allowed to gather in NC now 10. A friend & her family are being pressured to attend a wedding in January and bride let it known that no one else was concerned about social distancing and wedding party would not be masked.

I know it is disappointing to not have a traditional wedding but better to be alive next year and have a party then.

They need to do that here in El Paso but the state of TX is fighting the County executive on his attempted restrictions and the city is also fighting the county. There’s a partisan divide and the mayor is also in a runoff election. It’s a mess and it makes me want to move out of my beloved city. The state, they can go to hell. I may just go across the border to NM in a few years.