Airbnb’s Newly Refreshed and Minimalistic Look 🏳️

In the last weeks Airbnb has been rolling out many new design changes.

In particular:

  • A new homepage

  • A new search box (including # of child and infants)

  • A new design for the listing pages, with bigger fonts

  • New design and colors for review stars (green!)

  • A new header and footer

What do you think about the changes?

You can read more about it here

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They are doing as much as they can to remove the personality of the host and property and market them like hotel rooms.


I like the changes :slight_smile:

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I really dislike that they removed the titles! That helps people sort through listings easier!
It does look like now. Don’t we have enough instant booking sites?

Why on earth does this company want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg!? Their original appeal and brand was to offer listings from hosts who shared their homes. Not be like impersonal sites where the host is not even in the picture.

Even Wimdu kept the titles! (Although they have flexible cancellation called out.) Prices are misleading because they don’t include all the fees… which are more than Air’s for the guest.


My over 50 year old eyes appreciate the new font.


Marked improvement. Cleaner look.


I actually like that they have removed the titles on the search page. I guess that this page has a lot of information going on (pictures, price, reviews, the map, etc) that there was a need to clean it up a bit.

I don’t like the new font size. VERY BIG!

I don’t know if anyone else noted this but they also “cleaned”" the blank lines between paragraphs. I like to use blank lines to give the reader a pause and make the text more easy to read it. Now I have a bulk of text that doesn’t seem very pleasant to my eyes.


You can add an additional paragraph return to make your listing more legible. I did this right away because the run-on paragraphs offended me.

What do you mean for “an additional paragraph return”?
I have added a single whitespace character to solved that issue and it worked.

Precisely. We’re a commodity.

Next thing you know they’ll give us the option of wearing a hat or a name tag. Uniform maybe?

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That’s what a “return” does.

Not sure if we are talking about the same thing but the return character just breaks the flow of text to start a new line. However, if you try to add a return character in a blank line the “new version” wipes it out. To create a blank line I had to insert a single whitespace character in a new line. Maybe you are talking about something else.

I get what you’re saying. But how do you make a white space? I suppose you put any character and then select white as the color. I never use the tool bar I’m now noticing just above the text I’m typing :slight_smile:

  1. You make the white space by hitting the space bar once in a new line.
  2. Wow, do you really have a tool bar? Who else have a tool bar for formatting text in Airbnb?

Oh I get it. So simple. And no I don’t have a tool bar in the Airbnb app. Don’t know what I was thinking. There is a tool bar for this app :wink:

That’s exactly the problem I see for the font. It will definitely help some people (especially older demographics), while it could occupy too much space for others.

I personally always zoomed out my browser to 90% when looking at Airbnb… with this change, I’ll have to add even more zoom out!

you’re right @florbone… that’s a very stupid mode from Airbnb (if intentional, and that might not be the case).

The new big font size also throws many break lines in the page as the text doesn’t fit in a single line (much more widow and orphan characters than before).

Visor and apron with Abnb (vagina) emblem.

Oh gawd you’re toooooo funny. I can see myself in that big (blue?) apron and smart visor greeting my guests.

I think it looks like a penis head myself. But I have a sick mind.

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