Airbnb rewards for being a super host

I’ve been offered discounts on products as a reward for being a Super host.
To get the reward I just need to buy the products they are touting !! Postage on top of that I suppose.
No thanks


I agree with you, but I’m honestly surprised that Airbnb hasn’t done a lot more 3rd party product promotion to hosts. They have done some before, but very little that I’ve seen. We have people coming to this forum every week that want to promote products to hosts, and they only have access to a limited number of hosts. Airbnb has the ability to promote products to all hosts or to target specific hosts (e.g., in a specific region, or with a specific type of listing, or with a specific amenity in a listing, etc.) It seems like the opportunity for Airbnb to get revenue from advertising fees or sales commissions through targeted advertising to over 600K hosts could be large.


I would absolutely hate it if Airbnb started regularly sending advertising of discounts on products.

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Kinda like we hate their “price tips”. I can see it now, Airbnb will call it “Product Tips”

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Or worse, because most hosts just ignore the price tips that appear next to the calendar, they would fill up your personal email Inbox with this sort of spam.

I seem to recall someone here saying they could buy the exact same cleaning products Airbnb was offering at “discount” cheaper in their local stores or online.

Would you expect anything else?

I’ve said it in regard to one of their promotions.

But honestly, short of just sending checks to people, there’s plenty of snark directed at everything they do. Even some hosts who made $13k overnight on the IPO were dogging Airbnb the next day as they sold their shares.

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Well, if the company treated their hosts well, there wouldn’t nearly so much snark directed at them.

I just read a post from a 3 year Superhost who just got a warning that “one or more” reviews she had left for guests violated the review policy. She couldn’t understand what in the world they were referring to and when she asked, they said they couldn’t tell her. So she’s accused and found guilty of something they won’t explain to her. That’s just absurd and infuriating.

When I read through about 20 of the most recent reviews she had left, which were all nice reviews of guests, I saw exactly what she likely got nailed for. She had written a short, complimentary review of the guest, saying in the first sentence that he was a “phantom” guest, then went on to say he was so quiet she never really would have known he was there and that he left the place clean and tidy.

Apparently Airbnb thinks “phantom” is an insult, instead of a colloquial indicating the guest made no footprint.

I call a phantom guest a levitator- barely touches anything!
Unlike the goldilocks guest, who has to try everything!


Yeah, well don’t refer to them as a phantom guest or levitator in a review, or Airbnb will send you nasty warnings about violating review policy.

To be honest, I’m not looking for Airbnb rewards. I get paid for hosting, at a price I set. We have consistently had great guests. We have been superhosts for every quarter we’ve hosted (including the last year of superhost freebies).

I don’t know that being a superhost matters a whole hell of a lot, but if it does, I suppose it’s its own reward.

So far, Airbnb hasn’t done anything dreadful to us; neither have guests.

I’m really not in need of additional rewards for being superhosts.

Me too as far as products go. The reward of $ off my next travel booking at an Airbnb somewhere would be nice to use- except I’m never travelling when it’s available to me.


I know! I found this very amusing.

2 years ago I asked to have the credit voucher extended for 6 months, which they did. This was when you actually spoke to someone who understood hosting, unlike now.

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The ought to do that automatically because of the pandemic. Seriously, if they just sent every host a $100 travel voucher good for a year as a “thanks,” they wouldn’t be out that much money relatively speaking.

It would be fun for me just to see all the comments from the folks who never have anything good to say about Airbnb.

What a great idea - I’ll try it whenever I travel again. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

I have had pretty good experiences with Airbnb I must say. When a problem has arisen I quickly learned to go to Chat, as the response was fast and positive.
I gave up as I couldn’t navigate it as well- too many pop up potential questions that I couldn’t clearly answer to get my problem solved. I possibly would have gotten the hang of the site if I’d persevered.

The levitator comment is purely between my team and I. We love a levitating guest!