Airbnb not making cancellations easy. still collecting service fee's

Seems Airbnb are still being sneaky about cancellations. Ive had numerous guests contact me asking if i can “approve” of the cancellations. This is all done through email “NOT THE APP” offsite. The guest/host are given 48 hours to comply for the guest to recieve a full Refund. without the host confirmation, the guest forfiets the service fee paid to airbnb. I think this is silly, and sad. Why not just Give ALL guest a FULL refund at this time for any reservation before a certain date. Airbnb you operating in a SNAKE like manner. Nobody has time to jump through hoops. people are fighting for there lives… Not going throuhgh emails… to ensure guest get back $2.59 9 2 bucks and fifty nine cents… Airbnb …you suck!!! your just as much of a virus as Covid…

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Ignore any message not on the app. You don’t have to approve any refunds.


Can you give some details (dates for booking and check-in/check-out) on the reservations that this is happening? Airbnb was very clear about which reservations are covered by their expanded extenuating circumstances policy based on those 3 things.

Effectively, they are. If the booking was made before March 14 and check-in is on or before April 14, a refund is automatic.

If a guest is trying to get you to approve a refund for a reservation that starts after April 14, tell the guest to wait a few more days. I fully expect Airbnb will extend the window (probably another month) for bookings that were made before March 14, and they will do it by the March 31 since all of the cancellation policies have some monetary penalty that starts 14 days before check-in.

I’ve never had a guest email me, unless it’s a guest I’ve gotten to be friends with and we’ve exchanged email addresses off Airbnb.

Do guests have a way to send us an Airbnb-sanctioned email, as we have for guests, through Airbnb? If that’s the case, I wonder why I have never gotten a single email from a guest. We’ve hosted hundreds of guests and gotten Airbnb contacts from probably hundreds more who didn’t end up staying for one reason or another.

Yes, there is a coded Airbnb email address visible on the guest end for a host, just as there is one for guests. I’ve never had a guest email me before, either, at least not on their own initiative. But I send my guests a map to my place via email, along with transportation info, from my personal email address, and they do respnd to that email via email usually.


I did not approve any refunds, but it seems that Airbnb are collecting the paid out amount anyway. Airbnb has been emailing me, and I declined to refund the extra amounts since they’ve been paid out already. However, Airbnb are taking them out anyway.

I agree. The only exception is after I contacted Airbnb about my account being hacked, they sent me a message via In-box to tell me they had sent me an email. The email had a link to a case closed message and to verify changes protected my account

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@Annet3176 Yes, messages from their Trust and Safety team don’t go through the regular Airbnb inbox- I experienced that myself.

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