Airbnb New Mexico Occupancy Tax

Hi Folks,

The state of NM started requiring Airbnb hosts to collect Occupancy taxes starting Jan 1 2020. But, I just noticed that in August of 2019, Airbnb started charging my guests the tax! Where did that money go? And shouldn’t these guests be refunded? Any thoughts?


Presumably Air filed a return and paid the taxes. I would not worry about it it is between Air and the county/city

The only good thing, as I understand it is that when Air and a county/city strike a deal for them to collect and pay taxes then the host is off the hook.


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Airbnb already had agreements with some NM cities and counties. It’s possible that Airbnb reached an agreement with your local government to collect and remit tax before the statewide law went into effect.

On the flip side I am in a state that just passed a state occupancy requirement last year. Airbnb negotiated up until the very last minute as to whether they would collect our tax in our state. As a result I had a few guests who booked for time after the tax was to begin and paid before Airbnb collected the tax. Since there seems to be no real enforcement mechanism yet, I just ignored those few. I haven’t heard about any audits anywhere.