Airbnb neighborhoods glitch

I’m doing a search for a Phoenix Airbnb and am considering taking my dogs with me. So I scrolled down to tick the Pets Allowed box and find these neighborhoods listed for Phoenix. LOL.

Thanks for nothing, Airbnb. FYI, I’ve never searched for a Tahoe Airbnb in my life.


Those are the closest neighborhoods that allow pets. :roll_eyes:

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Ha! Not true. I was just getting ready to PM you btw

I’ll meet you in Lake Tahoe :wink:


I don’t believe this glitch is isolated. When I was looking for a place in Flagstaff last year it kept showing me places in Tahoe.

Additionally, AirBnB thinks our place is in Burnet County. I have tried to call them but I couldn’t ever connect with a rep who was smart enough to understand what a county is.

Edited to add: Burnet county isn’t even an adjacent county. It’s like 160 miles away.


I’d probably still trade that for Airbnb thinking I’m in Juarez Mexico.


Nobody knows where we are