Airbnb message to guests who don't send in a review

So I stayed at an Airbnb that had some issues and when I ask for a partial refund the host not only agreed but doubled the amount I asked for. By mutual agreement we did not review each other. But now I get this message (after the review period is over) from Airbnb so even when a guest doesn’t provide a review they are still trying to check up on us hosts.

Very interesting. Was this sent in an email? I’m sure lots of people just delete all Airbnb emails without looking at them. I had a dentist stay here in August and Sept who had 8 separate reservations (he reserved around other reservations) before we switched to direct payment. He didn’t review me a single time and probably found the 24+ reminders to review plus this quite annoying.

I do appreciate any efforts to get these substandard hosts off the platform.

That’s really interesting, thanks for sharing @Lynick4442.
I don’t trust airbnb further than I can throw them but the aim of this can only be to detect sub-par listings, no? Some people are just too polite to leave a bad public review. I don’t know. It’s an interesting one.

I recently hosted a fellow host (always dread that). She seemed nice enough in communication and very aware not to put me out over arrival time etc. But she was a bit…meh… on arrival. Her place is much nicer than mine and twice the price and I’m guessing she wasn’t overly impressed. She hasn’t written a review yet and, in my experience, if people don’t write reviews straightaway the likelihood of them writing a bad one increases as the days go by!

Anyway, this solution would be a get-out clause for her. She doesn’t want to leave a negative review to a fellow host but she still gets the chance to leave a low score. I can see the benefit of that to Airbnb, actually. Like KKC says, it will identify substandard hosts without guests having to publicly announce their dissatisfaction. Maybe AirReview has a part to play in this - some hosts will decline guests because of previous negative reviews they’ve left for hosts.

Personally, I don’t like it. It’s yet one more step in Airbnb disassociating itself from its roots.

Yes, it was sent in an email after the review process was over. So this is Airbnb going another step to see if we are shitty hosts.

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I got this message from Airbnb while I was reviewing a host. It states only host will see this.

Um.No. This is their very public overall star rating.

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This is different from what I posted but your right, in the past is was just private notes not star ratings. Ugh.

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ignore. they can’t force you to do it.

Of course I am aware that I don’t have to review the host. I was posting my info as an FYI to fellow hosts.

I wonder if this request for the guest to review the host in this way only happens under certain other conditions. Such as:
Guest has a good rating so Airbnb trusts his/her feedback.
The host did not leave a bad review for the guest, so the guest can’t retaliate.
The host’s ratings are marginal or trending down.
Previous guests complained to Airbnb about the host.

Good point Brian. I think because the host refunded me a bit of money maybe that prompted the message.

Brilliant, I think you’re probably right. Refunds would be a clue that something wasn’t as expected. This is a really interesting thread altogether. The algorithm helps to manage this…it’s probably a combination – no review +refund prompts one kind of message; no reviews we know prompt repeated messages, and so on.

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