AirBnB Logic..."Ways to earn more" "Try lowering your price..."

Really? I have 2 vacant days over a 2 month period and you think I should lower my prices because 2 people decided not to book with me?

I think I’m good thanks. LOL


Yeah, what they don’t tell you is that you should lower the price only for those 2 days and not in general, but if you’re bookings typically don’t come very far in advance, even that would be a mistake.

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Ha! Air sends me those notices all the time. I do regular incognito browsing to see how my listing stacks up in the neighborhood for a private room in a home. My listing is competitively priced and I have a pool, which several of them don’t. I’m finally getting a TV for the guest bedroom because someone on this forum suggested I might be losing guests just because of that. So that’s coming this weekend. :slight_smile: Right now I have 9 nights booked for October, up from 0 nights last year, so I’m happy.

it’s an automated email, don;t take it personally. probably it would get sent even if one person considers your listing and books something else.
Most likely the logic is faulted. I look at places and don’t book them. Either I find something closer or travel plans change. it does not mean that if I look at a property i go someplace else because it’s cheaper.
Ignore. that’s what i do

I hate how they really are trying to encourage us to race to the bottom price wise. This isn’t helpful.

As long as you are smarter than the bots and have a decent airbnb it’s a non issue.