AirBnB just removed a Review

She showed up 2 hours early and stated we were too rural for her. Our listing states 3 times we are rural and our rules state it a 4th time. She blocked my Christmas and wanted all her money back. I have a strict policy and refused for being too rural although the house interior was lovely. Surprisingly AirBnB backed me because we documented it all in the AirBnB feed.

From AirBnB:

DECEMBER 31, 2019

Airbnb Support

1:15 PM

Hi Letti and Katherine, my name is Juvelyn from Airbnb. I hope that this message finds you well. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for hosting at Airbnb. We are so happy to have you here as part of our community and with that, I will do my best to assist you in the best way I possibly can.

First, let me acknowledge you for being one of our valuable super host. Your effort and dedication to provide our guest the best travel experience is very much appreciated.

I tried to call you, but I was routed to your voicemail. I would like to let you know that I removed the review of Caroline because it is a violation of our content policy as we are not allowed extortion at Airbnb.

Kindly refresh the browser that youŕe using. It will not show to your profile anymore. I reported the guest already because we are not allowed extortion in our platform. It is against our terms and service.

Since everything is clear and sorted out. I will go ahead and close the thread. Thank you for your cooperation.

I have noticed that you are one of our incredible Superhosts! Thank you so much for your consistently high standards and for making your guests feel so at home. We really are so thankful for hosts like you and your exceptional contribution to Airbnb community. You are a true gem to us.

I’ll close out this thread within the next 24 hours. However, If you come across any other questions or concerns, just let us know! Thanks for being a valuable member of the Airbnb community. We also have a Help Center to serve you at

Happy New Year,


Translation: She didn’t determine you were too rural on that day, she already had another place to stay.

What was the extortion? You didn’t mention that.


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Either I refund her in full or she will leave a nasty review. No review if I refunded her in full and this is all over. She stated it on the AirBnB feed more than once.


So you didn’t refund her, she left a nasty review and then they removed the review. So a full backing up of you in this case? That is great to read.


Normally I say I will refund if rebooked. This woman was so nasty I did not offer that. I actually rebooked from someone at 6:30 that night that got cancelled on from another host. They booked for a day longer.


Well done, good result. That said, is it just me but sometimes emails like this just send my sycophancy meter way into the red!

Pass me the sick bag…



@JohnF Yes, those messages are definitely puke-worthy, but at least, in the OP’s case, it was followed by understanding and helpfulness. They’re even more revolting when followed with"I’m sorry, I know how frustrating this must be, but the review doesn’t violate our review policy. Your case is now closed."



This thread is hall-of-fame worthy!


Their review a 5*. It was for 3 nights as versus the the first booking for 2 nights:

Public review


Our original reservation (by a different owner) was unable to be fulfilled. We called Letti at 6:30pm and asked if we could rent for the next few nights. They cleaned the place and we were in by 8:00 pm. They were so accommodating given our dilemma. We had a group of 11 and this was our last chance. Plenty of entertaining space for our group. Place was secluded but that didn’t bother us, we preferred it.


My reading is that they have a crib sheet that CS are instructed to use. You can see where the written English is cribbed, and where the CS person is actually speaking as they would.

Cut, paste and be real at the same time. “You will obey”…

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Yep. A lot of call centres have pre written chunks of text, the person uses a hot key (like a function key) to insert it into responses. They also often have a pre written top and tail, with a free text area in the middle, not dissimilar to the reply above.


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I even have pre written chunks of text :rofl: … I usually only change the name “Hi (name),” :relaxed: … Only once I forgot to change the name :crazy_face::upside_down_face: