Airbnb is very Bad at Math

Does anyone know how air calculates points for stars? We got a bad review (because our tent makes noise in the wind - which is what tents do, and wind was disclosed in the description and air turned down the refund request and so did we), anyhow . . . in the detail section we got 5 stars for check-in and location, 2 for accuracy and three 1’s for the other three. To me that adds up to 15, which I divide by 5 reviewed areas, and that gets me to three stars, however, air has it as 1 star for overall?

I wonder if all the categories are weighed equally or if some categories have a higher value.

The only rating that really matters is the overall one and that one is rated by the guest. It isn’t an average of the other rateable categories.
That overall one is what appears on your listing. A low star review is heavily weighted and you will need a lot of overall 5 star reviews to bring the average back up.


The individual category ratings have nothing to do with the overall rating, which is completely separate rating, not an average of anything.


Thank you, that is good to know, I’ve been wondering for a while. Fortunately this review will probably come down because the guest threatened a bad review if we didn’t refund.


Here’s the math calculation for stars as explained to me by another person on the forum

And here’s were you can actually see the full star ratings of the guest reviews also from a fellow person on the forum

Thanks Lynick4442. That explains a lot - not sure why they have to make it so complicated.

I forgot to add ‘wind’ to one of the possibilities that occurs outside. Thank you.

Right now, our listing points out: “Note that the back yard is outside, so pollen, leaves, bird droppings, insects will be there too.”


What is complicated about it? Once you are aware that the overall rating is a separate rating, not an average of the individual category ratings, and the rating that appears on your listing, I don’t understand what is complicated- it’s basic math.

Some people are trying to understand, others are just trying, some of them very.

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