Airbnb is refunding my guest totally?

Hey guys!

Yesterday my guest was checkin and told me 4 hours after check out the bathtub was clug with hair. I went to the listing 30 minutes after she mentioned that and fixed the situation but the guest already left and ask for a full refund. I contacted Airbnb and they told me that this does not qualify for a refund and this morning waking up I have a case manager telling me he issued a full refund??

I really don’t know what to do I’m losing almost 1000$ for something that was fixed in less than 1h!

There might be a possibility of getting that decision reversed if you are persistent. The guest did inform you of the issue and you did take care of it in a timely manner (30 minutes is not an unreasonable amount of time). You could argue that the guest didn’t allow you ample time to rectify the situation. You may have to escalate it to a supervisor. Be persistent, professional and calm. Myself, I would go through the messaging system first. I have had the best luck getting things resolved in my favor that way. Many of the folks on the keyboards are actually hosts themselves and are more likely to be sympathetic. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck!


What’s worse is that whether or not you get paid, the chances of a bad review are high.

One question though, if the bathtub was clogged with hair 4 hours after the guest checked in, why didn’t the last person to clean the bathtub notice it was not draining properly and report it?


And which probably could have been prevented by doing proper cleaning and maintenance. I’m not sure since I’m not clear on the exact nature of the problem.

Back to Airbnb, if a listing isn’t as promised, clean and in proper working order then they will possibly refund. And unless everything is documented on the platform it’s your word against hers.


According to Airbnb, we as hosts have the right to remedy an issue within a reasonable amount of time. Per their website: * Have used reasonable efforts to remedy the circumstances with the host prior to making a claim, including messaging your host on Airbnb to notify them of the issue. We’ll verify this in your account.

Did your messaging within the app document that she sent a message and you replied. Always put things in writing. You should receive the refund if you are respectful and keep insisting.

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:laughing: Olivier, now that you got all of us curious about how your clogged up with hair bathtub looked … can you post a photo of it?

Was it a longer term stay?


That’s very helpful :slight_smile: