AirBnB is making another move to be more like Booing, Expedia and others. (14% host fee)

This makes it easier for large property managers to copy their rates over all platforms.

So after vetting potential guests, by pushing IB and removing guest pictures (racism is just a scapegoat), and adjusting cancelation policies, this is another step toward Booking and Expedia.

I wonder how long the guest reviews will last, this is the last thing that makes AirBnB stand out between all others.

Hotel model here we come!
And reviews are available on


When did you get this message? Or if it’s already on the site, where do I find this?

Interesting - they must be testing. I haven’t received anything.

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Exactly, or “here we are.”

Air is now almost unrecognizably a vehicle for large-scale investor hosts vs. homesharers.

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I saw a notification about it several weeks ago. They are making a little less money, so I’m not sure what the game is, except that they can hide their fees from the guest.

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I couldn’t find that. Not sure yet whether including everything or not is the best way to go. This is going to take some studying on. I wish ABB would keep it to people that only have one or two places (not applicable to rooms in their own houses) to list. The big bugs are pushing all this change and ABB is following. This reminds me of how eBay has changed since it was for people to get rid of their own stuff to the behemoth it is now.


They are not making less money. 14% is an average.

They charge the host 3% and de Guest up to 20.
In most cases my guest pay around 12%, one night bookings pay a higher percentage, longer terms at high rates pay less from what I found.

Their main advantage is the guests perception: “I pay service fees at AirBnB, but I do not pay fees at Expedia, lets book at expedia.”

And since most of the AirBnB hosts are scared of hosting somewhere else the guest is not able to compare platforms, and will never notice they will pay exactly the same.

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I found an article that shows the fixed host fee was only 12% when they piloted the program about 1 year ago.

It looks like if they move to a flat 14% host-fee model, they stand to make a TON more money on higher-priced bookings where the guest fees were previously as low as 6%, unless they are giving some of the 14% back to the guest on those bookings in the form of a discount.

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To be honest, I am a bit tempted to move to the 14%. I will increase my rates with 11% and will have the same income.

I wonder how they show the different fee systems to the guests. How does a %14 host fee listing look compared to a 3% host fee listing on the same page? Will they put an extra badge on it “no extra fees”? Higher search ranking?

Good questions! I would be more put off as a guest with a higher
SHOWING fee percentage than the lower one!

I think this is exactly it: to hide the fees from guests.

Many of us don’t have a suitable space to list elsewhere, as we are hosting guest rooms and in-law suites rather than vacation homes or apartments. We are traditional hosts but unfortunately seem to be left behind as AirBnB replaces hotels.

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Yes, I’m not afraid at all, airbnb just suits my set up. I wish there were an exclusive home share platform to move to. I don’t want to compete with hotel owners and investors, corporate accounts and rental arbitrage kids.


Absolute nonsense…

This is what AirBnB would like you to believe.
AirBnB acts as if they invented renting private rooms and homesharing.

In other areas of the world, this has been a common practice for decades.
And these hosts have been using platforms like BDC and others already before AirBnB existed.

AirBnB starts to look more like all the other OTA’s which makes it a lot easier to also start using them.

I can’t find it anywhere either… Do you think they do this by region or at random? When I research pricing in my area, other hosts all seem to have the ABB service prices as well.

You can list a guestroom on BDC or VRBO? I was under the impression that these platforms were for vacation homes.

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However if it is 14% on a private room here in an industrial town, it really won’t make that much difference, unless the stays are long term.

It all feels like one big experiment.

I recently found such a platform: I have after maybe six months, my first guest arriving next week. Here is something very weird – they have you and the guest arrange a payment method between yourselves –

For those hosts availing of our Standard payment option, the guest pays a 15% booking fee (maximum fee of 199 $£€) of the price of stay to confirm the booking. You’ll receive the price of the stay directly from the guest on arrival. You should include in your homestay profile how you would like to be paid, for instance by bank transfer, cash, PayPal or another payment method. We also recommend that you communicate with your guests after the booking is made and prior to their arrival and confirm your preferred payment method with them.

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Yes, there are a lot of guestrooms on BDC.

Here is an example: Heuholzmühle Privatzimmer, Elixhausen – Aktualisierte Preise für 2024

There is even a pecial page for them: The World's Best Homestays |