Airbnb is allowing unlimited kids under 2 for FREE!

Thank you to another poster for bringing this to my attention. I decided to start a separate thread.

I went to my listing to test this out and it allowed 5 infants to stay for free, and they were not included in the guest count.

My listing sleeps 6 maximum. My nightly rate is based on 4 guests. And I have an additional guest fee for the 5th and 6th person (no matter the age). I do charge for all ages.

Guests can now classify their two year old and just say their kid is under two so they can avoid the fee. I know in the U.S. it is quite common for parents to lie about their kids’ ages - as long as it results in a discount.

Can any of you who rent out a bedroom in your home…conduct a test to see if your listing allows two and under to stay for free?

I am getting ready to make my second phone call to Air today to see what the response is from the rep. We all need to blow up the phones, and the feedback center.


I just chose a random bedroom listing and it DID allow me to allow 3 infants to a listing that has a 2 guest maximum!


Same here. Nightmare. Where will these kiddos sleep? Who will make sure that they don’t fall down the stairs [all 40 of them]? How will I sleep with an infant screaming all night? And, does anyone else find it insulting that there was no notification of this change before it was implemented?


this page might not be in synch just yet:

Did your listing state no children under 2. And if it did, is that removed now?

We just went through this a few months ago, didn’t we?


I went to a listing and it looks like the “no suitable for children” has been changed to “may nor may not be suitable”

It was an instant book property and when I pretended to book I received this message:

“This home can’t be booked instantly because it may not be safe or suitable for infants. You can still book by sending a reservation request.”

You better believe Air will be begin to threaten to deactivate listings if they don’t accept a certain percentage of reservation requests.

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That’s what I thought…lol.

I think then Air may have just been A/B testing, and maybe now they are rolling it out with the new agreement to be accepted tomorrow.

I am still on hold and will report back what the rep. says.

Yes, mine now says:

May not be safe or suitable for children (0-12 years)

I can’t remember if that’s what it said before though. I do have the no kids thing checked.

It has been changed to “may or may not be suitable”…

How many hosts are there to recruit if you are forced to accept anyone at all, including infants and toddlers? Perhaps the strategy is to get rid of all shared spaces and then enforce these rules on the whole apartment?

And you keep using the term A/B… I am a coder by trade. What do you mean by that?

When I pulled up my listing the amenity ‘family friendly’ was at the very top and in bold, in contrast to ‘free parking’ and other amenities showing before clicking ‘more’. Family friendly used to be at the bottom. Nothing did I see about no kids 2 or less. My last experience with a toddler was a nightmare. The parents were not watching her ever, and she would go to the top of the stairs that lead to the guest space, have her hand on the railing, then turn her head around to look at me as she started to walk down. omg heart attack after heart attack!! I really do not care about infants, but that toddler age is not for me!

Haha…I don’t know if I am using the correct term. I mean when they are just testing things out to see travler/host reaction - the results will depend if they implement them…

For example - a while back they removing non- instant book listings in my area from the search results, if the travelers dates were within 7 days of arrival.

Or how some new owners don’t have the option to not have instant book, and others do have the option. Or when they removing the strict option from random listings if they were set to moderate or flexible already. Otjers were left alone.

did you try to pretend to book your property as a traveler? That’s where I am seeing where people can enter the number of guest adults, guests ages 2- 12, and guest under 2. When you select the under 2 (even if you have an additional person fee) it does not charge. And it allows the total number to go over your maximum.

I feel really sorry for anyone who rents out multiple bedrooms to guests. Especially if the bedrooms are close together and thin walls.

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my mini protest on twitter. #notAHotel

Appears @Keith2016 is allowing infants [0m-2yrs] to be included on reservations with no charge. Allowed to book in no-child homes. #notAHotel


I am on the phone now. The rep. is telling me he is not seeing any of this that I describe. Of course not!! Because they never see anything I am talking about.

I had to wait over 40 minutes before someone picked up the phone. He is now going to speak to his co-worker. Makes you want to SCREAM!!!


When I get off the phone I will test out my new Twitter skills :wink:

Yep, that happened last time we jumped through these hoops - the reps I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about.

My rules still allow to say ‘no’ for kids under 2.

It might still show the same in your rules setting, but it has changed on your listing view to travelers. I just tried to book your place for 6 guests and 4 infants (yikes) and it gave me the message I copied/pasted above to send a reservation request because I can’t instant book.

Crazy they can get more people than my max with babies as it’s not counting as a person…