Airbnb IPO Documents (anyone :p )

If anyone wants a peek at the actual prospectus, here it is:

Here is their SEC history, some interesting info/financials to be had I’m sure, if anyone can be arsed going through it all.

Some commentary relating to the prospectus:

I haven’t time myself to plough through what’s available, but a couple of little nuggets are that Airbnb has been losing money since 2017, maybe actually earlier than that and that the “Experiences” program has bombed.

The company said it has not yet seen a “material” change in the number of active listings on its platform since the end of last year through to this past September. But the hosts who rely on Airbnb to pay their mortgages or other bills may not be able to survive if travel restrictions remain in the medium term.

“It is not yet clear what financial impact the severe travel reduction occurring during the Covid-19 pandemic will have on these individuals or whether they will be able to keep their homes or operate their businesses as travel resumes,” the filing read.

The above is from the FT article, my bold highlights. Not as rosy as the young Master Chesky would have liked, methinks.



Thanks for taking the time Brian, I did suggest there were a few nuggets in there.


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