Airbnb Inbox Design Stupidity

How stupid is this? Opened up the inbox on the laptop in my favorite browser and the “Refer a new host” ad takes up more space than they leave for the actual inbox messages. I get to see a list of 2 or 3 messages … So very stupid. No very user friendly at all …

Just for giggles, I see 21 pending requests and I filter to take a closer look. Most have long been archived away from sight … I mean really: they are from 2018 or 2019. Wedged in there … a confirmed reservation from 2018 …

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You can simply close the referral banner by clicked the “x” on in top right hand corner. It shouldn’t reappear for a while. Maybe even as long as fifteen minutes.


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LOL! That might be an improvment. Some of their annoying messages/notifications/tips/etc. come back every single time I visit Airbnb.

I hardly ever go to the inbox but I don’t think a refer message has ever struck me as being ‘design stupidity’.