Airbnb Host | The Must-Read step-by-step Guide for Newbies

Here’s my most recent blog post where I share everything I wish someone told me when I first got started on Airbnb. Thanks for sharing the love with new Hosts. :slight_smile:

What a load of crap…

“My most recent blog?” June 2015? (made a screenshot, so do not try to change it now)

Half the blog is bragging and self-glorification.
The second half are a bunch of useless tips.

To be straight forward, I do not like your kind. You come here only to promote your blog/site, rather than having some real valuable input.


Unless you live in Canada , that “blog” is useless. Pretty sure thats not “Dany’s” picture. Unless hes also a stock photo model.

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He claims to be an actor, so yeah.

I just think any article or web site called “secrets” is funny. Clearly they don’t know what a secret is.


That is indeed Dany who is an aspiring actor.

Secrets for Air Newbies –

  1. You will do A LOT of laundry!
  2. When you enter the home or room after a guest departs, don’t be surprised if you walk around saying “What the hell?” a lot.
  3. If you rent out an entire home, you will never have to buy olive oil again.
  4. Install exterior security cameras.
  5. Hide the toaster.
  6. Items WILL get broken so shop at thrift stores.
  7. Some guests will leave you less than five stars, no matter what you do. Don’t sweat it – it’s ok not to be a super host.
  8. Think twice about renting your entire house to groups of 20-somethings who are not related.
  9. Prospective guests rarely read your entire listing. Ask them to attest that they have read, and agree to, the House Rules.
  10. You will get answers faster here on this forum than if you try to call CS.
  11. The Magic Eraser will become your best friend.
  12. Supply dark washcloths with a sign that says, “Save our towels – please use these to remove make-up.”
  13. People might have sex in your house.
  14. Learn to say no to discounts and over-the-top requests.

Elaboration on 5, please. I was thinking of buying a toaster. Is there some reason I shouldn’t?

  1. You will learn to hate stray hairs within the first week of hosting.

Guests who use the toaster seem to leave more crumbs. I had two older guests that must have eaten nothing but toast for five days – and, clearly, without using plates. Toast crumbs everywhere! It was truly amazing. I had to give them a 4 on cleanliness.

Most people who use the toaster are crummy :wink:


Oh, I see. and are these crumbs in the guest room? I’d hope people would eat toast in the kitchen.

Mine is an entire house rental. One of my rules is no food or drinks upstairs, where the bedrooms are located (a rule that is often broken). No, their crumbs were all on the first floor – and I mean on the floor, the countertops, the furniture. It was unreal.

Hi @sandy2,

That sounds scary. Sorry about that. Who likes toast that much? Fortunately, I just rent out a room. And if there was toast everywhere, I’d certainly have things to say about it.

I’m quite paranoid about food leavings. One of the first things I tell people is about putting leftovers in the kitchen rubbish bin. And offer to show it to them. Mostly they don’t want to see it.

And sorry, I’ve seen your rental and know it’s a full house. Yours is the one with the amazing color coordinated house. Who could forget that? And did you do it all yourself? I’ve never seen anything like it.

@Faheem Thank you so much for the compliments! Yes, I did a lot of the work (not the electrical, plumbing, flooring, decks, or drywall, though). We gutted it (attached pics show after remodel and during the demo with my daughter and her friends starring as teen slaves), new flooring, new tiling, new windows, new decks, new everything except a couple of windows, the front and sliding glass doors, and the little tiny powder room sink. I went to Parsons School of Design in NYC and Paris – design is what I do. I found an old interior design book from the '60s with that color scheme and the dark floors. I think it’s pretty cool :slight_smile:


Absolutely! And green tea. Or mint tea. Or green tea with mint …

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And if by chance you should miss a stray toast crumb while cleaning (heaven forbid!) the next guest will be german and will find it.


Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of marijuana (legal here in Colorado).

I had to add the before and after from the living room looking towards the kitchen (that sliding glass door was replaced with a window over the relocated sink).


Ah, you have to go as far as our local beach for that …

And by the way, that is an absolutely stunning conversion.

Thank you! Just sold a flipper house three weeks ago; trying to find another fixer-upper.

15. Invest in lint rollers.
16. The people who gush about your place the most never leave reviews.
17. Airhostsforum is full of helpful and honest people and will give you tons of help and experience (and some snarky answers)!