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I have been playing around with the Airbnb guidebook. Recently more guests have been asking about local information before arrival. So, I thought it would be good to have a paper and an electronic version.

The issue I am running into is they dont allow any links or phone numbers in the guidebook. There is a couple of local historic attractions, but, due to weather, their schedules vary widely. Its best to call ahead. And, the local Chamber has a really well done website with upcoming events and functions. So, I would like to put links and phone numbers so they can plan ahead.

Does anyone have any experience of how to get around these restrictions? put phone numbers and links in the Guidebook?
Or, suggestions on alternative Guidebook options to explore?

I understand why Airbnb is against sharing outside links. They dont want hosts directing traffic to their own websites. But, in the guidebook??? not being able to give guests a link to buy tickets or check schedules? That’s just stupid.

Sorry, I don’t know a clean work-around. I know it’s. crazy. I found creating a guidebook very problematic.

You can spell it out. Like website g o o g l e dot com

Or if you are web savvy, you can always create your own online guidebook and then just put the url as I mentioned above.

I have a guidebook on Airbnb it has links in it to the attractions and areas I promote.

You can provide that information in a welcome packet or a “things to do and places to see” book. I started off with the packets but felt that it was wasteful so I created a binder and I leave it on the desk. One of the guests recently mentioned the book in her review : ) I even added the phone numbers for local hospitals and walk in clinics.

Forget an electronic “guidebook” unless you write it yourself and give the guests both a paper copy in your listing, and an electronic copy to their phone.


Many of my guests have mentioned that they review my online guidebook prior to arrival to get a few ideas. In today’s age of technology most travelers who are able to book an Airbnb are also technically savvy enough that they know how to do an internet search for the listings in your guidebook if they see something that appeals to them. At least that has been the case for me.

I keep a very short 2 page document printed out in the guest bedroom because the last thing folks want to do after traveling is read a 15 page book about what to do in the area. The first paragraph has the Wi-Fi info. The rest of the document has a short description of the island’s unique features and a few restaurant recommendations.

For the restaurants I have recommended, I obtained printed menus from those places and they’re in a wall bin right by the document. Guests these days seem to be very self sufficient and have commented how helpful they’ve found this combination. I do constantly update these items as our small area tends to turnover businesses rather quickly.


How did you put in the links? It is blocking me from adding any links.

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I’ve just checked. Our guide book, when I created it in January 2022, allowed links. Those are still there but if I try to edit any of the entries, it won’t allow me to save it with the links in it, so I cancelled the edit and left it unchanged.

Can anyone tell me where I can find the guide book link that a potential guest can see on the listing? I can’t find mine.


Do a search for your listing and it should be down towards the bottom of the page where the house rules and cancellation policy are listed. At least it is on mine. If you’re in host mode, it’s at the bottom of the listing page right below checkin instructions.

I actually just use a different browser that doesn’t “know” me, so I can visit our listing using our custom URL (, and quickly peruse our page as a true potential guest sees it. I’m not seeing it. Even searching the page for the word “guest” or “guestbook” gives me nothing. Of course I can get to ours to edit it in hosting mode, but I want to be able to read it as a guest would. I did find somewhere that a guest can see it in their “trips” once they’ve booked. But it seems it should be available to read prior to booking, no?

EDIT: Okay! I found it! In the “Where You’ll Be” section, below the “map” there’s some text and then a show more link. It’s hidden in there. When editing, that spot under the map is called “Neighborhood Description” under location.

I can now verify that the hyperlinks I had included are there in plain text, not clickable. but they can be cut/pasted in to a browser. And I’ve just verified that if I remove the “https://” part, I’m allowed to save.

EDIT AGAIN: I was wrong, it won’t let me save. It did on one of them, but I think it’s AI didn’t catch it: Roadrunner Grab+Go apparently is okay to post. But more normal looking URLs aren’t.


Same experience here.

call me cynical but no one is going to find it, most guests can barely read the description in full.

We regularly go to our local tourist office and collect a bunch of pamphlets, and I have a printed guest manual in our listings with recommendations. I did make a guidebook on ABB too but honestly, there are so many blogs and whatnot nowadays with “top 10 things to do/see/eat/photograph in YourCity” that i’m not sure our Guidebooks will get much attention.


Dang now you can never change that guidebook :sweat_smile:


@gillian Well, we do include a link to our guidebook in the automatically sent confirmation 5 min after they book. But it’d be nice if potential guests could more easily find it. Some features of the listings require one to be an experienced spelunker in order to find them.

@lisanddavid Right? I did discover that this works: www.lacopinekitchen .com
That little space before the .com lets anyone put in an almost-URL!

Anyone want to look at our guidebook? :[]=/guidebooks/3315228



Lots of my guests make positive comments about my guidebook and some even come to visit with copies of it printed out @gillian

That’s a great guidebook! You have inspired me to spend yet more time on my Airbnb listing.

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Nice guidebook!

Here’s ours, though – spoiler alert! – you might find it a little long.[]=/guidebooks/3008678&s=67&unique_share_id=d2889b0c-4a8f-4552-8aa1-54cd5c0de62b

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Your guide book is great, @HostAirbnbVRBO! But, off-topic, and as a motorcycle rider, I have to ask: Is that Yamaha R1 pictured in the Panera Bread section yours? My wife and I have 4 bikes. The Hondas: 1964 Dream, 1974 CB750, 2017 CB1100, and a 2017 Triumph Bonneville T100.

Sadly, no. Though I do have a biker vibe in a small way.

Like not at all!

Glad you enjoyed! And I envy your bikes.


Like @Tranquility_Base i tested adding links to the guidebook. While “you use to could”, it is not allowed any longer